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Webinar: How to Collect and Leverage Consumer Insights

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Live date: Thursday, September 29, 2022

Learn key pillars to collect consumer insights through analytics that track your customers’ actions. According to Microsoft, organizations that leverage customer behavior to generate insights outperform their peers by 85% in sales growth. OIA partner Authentic Labs will show you simple ways to gain consumer insights using analytics, CTAs, and digital tools. Using consumer insights, you can better serve your customer needs, develop brand loyalty, increase sales, and improve your overall brand experience.

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Webinar: Structuring a Solid Credit Policy in the New Economy

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Live date: Tuesday, September 27, 2022

The last 30 months have dramatically changed the landscape of the B2B world. The Great Resignation, inflation, and skyrocketing fuel costs have all increased the price of goods, slimmed profit margins, and left little flexibility for financial losses.

  • Is your credit application structured to protect your company from bad debt write-off?
  • Does your new customer approval process warn you about companies who may not be worthy of a new or increased credit line?

Join Altus Receivables Management in partnership with the Outdoor Industry Association in an educational webinar to discuss. Let’s get your credit policy ready for the new economy and what may lie ahead!

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Webinar: Outdoor Workforce Insights

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Live date: Wednesday, August 24, 2022, 1:00 PM MDT

Description: Join OIA and industry experts to gain exclusive insights on the current state and the future of the outdoor workforce. Explore major trends in workforce hiring and retention and learn where the industry stands in its efforts to increase diversity, equity, and inclusion. Panelists will discuss key findings from the newly-released Outdoor Industry Workforce Assessment, and what these findings mean for outdoor businesses and the industry at large.

Moderator: Kelly Davis, Research Director, Outdoor Industry Association


Jasmine K. Brown, M.S., Doctoral Student, Department of Forestry, Michigan State University

Kristen Freaney,

Chris Perkins, Senior Director, Outdoor Recreation Roundtable


The Outdoor Industry Workforce Assessment was conducted by Oregon State University’s Center for the Outdoor Recreation Economy with input and support from Outdoor Industry Association, Outdoor Recreation Roundtable, Basecamp Outdoor, Path to Peak Education + Consulting, and the Confluence of States. Financial support for the development and execution of this survey was provided by a grant from The VF Foundation.


Webinar: Creating a More Diverse and Inclusive Workplace in 2022 and Beyond

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Live Date: Thursday, August 18, 2022, 1:00 PM MDT

Description: Join Lewis Roca and OIA for a discussion about ways to create and foster a more diverse, equitable, and inclusive workplace. The presentation will cover the benefits of an inclusive workplace, implicit and unconscious bias, bystander intervention, and best practices for giving all employees a seat and a voice at the workplace table.

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Webinar: eMTB Policy 101

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Live date: Tuesday, August 9, 2022

OIA, PeopleForBikes, the Pennsylvania Department of Conservation & Natural Resources, and the Washington Department of Fish & Wildlife to learn more about the basics of state and local eMTB policy trends and implementation happening across the U.S.  Guest speakers include:

  • Rachel Fussell, eMTB Policy & Program Manager, PeopleForBikes
  • Ashley Seaward, Deputy Director of State & Local Policy, PeopleForBikes Coalition
  • Nicole Faraguna, Director, Office of Planning & Policy, Pennsylvania Department of Conservation & Natural Resources
  • Heide Andersen, Recreation Planner, Washington Department of Fish & Wildlife


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Live Date: Saturday, June 11, 2022

Outdoor companies continue to face multiple supply chain challenges stemming from the global shipping crisis, failed reinstatement of key federal trade programs, inflation, and lingering impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic. With American outdoor recreation participation at an all-time high, our industry has been uniquely hard-pressed to find ways to overcome the uncertain market conditions in order to meet unprecedented consumer demand. This has been particularly true for small and medium-sized businesses which often lead the way in developing innovative new outdoor apparel, footwear, and equipment.

Join OIA for a conversation with representatives from a diverse group of outdoor companies, Congress, and the administration on how your business can navigate these uncertain times and improve your bottom line.  

Moderator: Richard W. Harper, Jr., Director of Government Affairs, Outdoor Industry Association 


Kay Martin, CEO, BOCO Gear

Jennifer Knight, Deputy Assistant Secretary for Textiles, Consumer Goods, and Materials, International Trade Association

Quinn O’Rourke, Director of Compliance and Logistics, Lacrosse Footwear

Andrew Samet, Partner, Sorini, Samet & Associates

Outdoor Retailer Education Session: STATE OUTDOOR BUSINESS ALLIANCES

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Live Date: Friday, June 10, 2022

Outdoor business and recreation alliances across the United States are driving forces behind vitalized outdoor economies. These state-based groups are galvanizing businesses from across the outdoor industry and other key stakeholders to play a leading role in promoting recreation economies, accessibility, and the outdoor sector.

Join representatives from outdoor alliances to learn about their efforts to support the outdoor industry through advocacy, thought leadership, collaboration, marketing, workforce and business development, partnerships with state offices of outdoor recreation, and more.  


Rebecca Gillis, State and Local Government Affairs Manager, Outdoor Industry Association 

Jonathan Jarosz, Co-Founder, Land of Outsiders


Dustin Cederholm, Co-Founder and former Executive Director, Utah Outdoor Association

James Glover, Founder and Co-Director, endeavOR New Mexico

Jenny Kordick, Executive Director, Maine Outdoor Brands

Matt Lyon, Chairperson of California Outdoor Partnership (CORP), and CEO of HydraPak LLC.

Outdoor Retailer Industry Lunch: A Look at the Past, Present, and Future of Public Lands

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Live Date: Friday, June 10, 2022

The protection of lands and waters is foundational to the outdoor industry. From the creation and protection of national monuments to the development of neighborhood parks, it is essential to ensure that all Americans and our future generations are guaranteed the physical and mental health benefits of outdoor recreation. Time and time again, outdoor companies have united to raise our industry’s voice in defense of public lands and waters when they have come under threat. Under the current Congress and the Biden administration, the industry is at an important crossroads, with ample opportunities to demonstrate the importance of these lands and accessibility: from the consideration of a public lands package to the implementation of America the Beautiful, an ambitious proposal to conserve 30 percent of our lands and waters by 2030. What role can the industry play to ensure that these pivotal opportunities yield a more equitable, accessible outdoors and ensure a thriving future for the planet? How can we continue to integrate lessons learned from the history of public lands and inequities, the traditional indigenous knowledge and practices in stewardship, and the stories of underrepresented communities to ensure that public lands are developed and maintained for all Americans in the years to come? 

Join OIA for an informative discussion with key stakeholders, industry leaders, and representatives from Washington, D.C., to reflect on the history of public lands in America; the tools and innovations Congress and the administration may use to create new, shared spaces; and the opportunities to make a difference in 2022. 

Moderator: Richard W. Harper, Jr., Director of Government Affairs, Outdoor Industry Association 


Shoren Brown, Interim Executive Director, The Conservation Alliance

Theresa Conn, Director of Sustainability, NEMO Equipment

Ángel Peña, Executive Director, Nuestra Tierra Conservation Project

Madeleine West, Director, Center for Public Lands, Theodore Roosevelt Conservation Partnership

Bill Lee, Senior Vice President for Policy, Advocacy and Government Relations, Trust for Public Lands (Virtual)

 Joel Moffet, Director of Environmental and Special Projects, Native Americans in Philanthropy (Virtual)

Outdoor Retailer Education Session: Plateaued Email Marketing: How Do You Repair and Grow Customer Retention?

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Live Date: Friday, June 10, 2022

  • Your outdoor enthusiast consumer is likely receiving over 100 emails a day. Are you sending the same email to your entire customer database? 
  • Since COVID, U.S. adult shoppers shifted to email as the preferred channel to receive advertisements and communication. Has your business kept up with this shift and trend? 
  • Learn how to easily enrich your customer data and segment and “automatically” engage your prospects and customers, along with the importance of establishing and understanding your metrics. Break down and easily help determine your average order value and your average customer lifetime and value, etc. 
  • Overview of digital best practices and ways to speak to a prospect like a prospect and a customer like a customer and the importance of personalized, targeted marketing for client retention and increased sales.  
  • Whitepaper takeaway/download provided to all education session attendees.  


Scott Buelter, CEO, Ascent360  

Molly Holmes, Director CRM, Alterra Mountain Company