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What is CCMC?

Designed to support retailers, brands, manufacturers, and distributors in a way that’s unique to their product category and life stage, CCMC provides OIA members with a scalable action plan for eliminating and replacing harmful chemicals and materials, delivering supply chain transparency, recycling and emission disclosures and more. Our goal is to support members as they innovate on sustainability and build consumer trust in their favorite brands. Members of the CCMC are blazing the trail in the innovation and adoption of safer chemicals that deliver functional, durable, and trustworthy materials and products to our customers.

OIA is here to help with:


  • CoLabs and task forces on driving existing and future strategies for chemical action 
  • Access to members-only community engagement platform for sharing technical and legislative expertise, learnings, and best practices 
  • Consultation with technical experts on custom approaches for identifying harmful chemicals and substituting cleaner alternatives 
  • In-person convenings to hear the latest industry highlights, be part of active discussions, and network with industry peers 


  • Resources to help companies navigate complicated compliance timelines and meet legislative requirements  
  • Educational webinars to stay abreast of industry progress, hear case studies, and learn tactical steps to take to improve your products 
  • Legislative tracking tool that gives OIA members real-time information on chemicals and sustainability legislation by state and on a federal level 
  • Access to data such as including consumer awareness regarding PFAS 
  • Guidance to help companies engage the entire value chain in sustainability 

Collective Action

  • Science-informed public comment and advocacy on potential legislation, rulemakings, and public hearings 
  • Impact CoLabs to achieve greater impact togther than could be achieved alone.  
  • Guidance for the industry to use together, update together, and maximize impact  
  • A community of companies  


  • The Clean Chemistry & Materials Coalition Steering Committee guides strategy for the corps to ensure companies have the opportunities and information they need to help them progress 
  • Annual Impact Report to learn where the CCMC stands in its journey for clean chemicals and materials 
  • Annual survey to provide feedback to OIA on what your company needs 

Watch On-Demand: Introducing CCMC

Meet the CCMC team of experts and learn about the new program

Your Questions, Answered

Leadership and Support+ OIA members have access to the program’s full scope of benefits, including:

  • A phased roadmap for PFAS elimination
  • Execution plans in the form of legislative and technical resources
  • Quarterly webinars
  • 1:1 office hours for Leadership members and group office hours for Support+ members to meet with OIA technical experts for further consultation on custom approaches
  • Monthly OIA-led working groups on driving existing and future strategies for growth

While Support members can access news, information and insights from our working group, and a calendar to stay in the know on compliance dates, they do not have access to the program’s technical experts for one-on-one consultations, phased roadmaps for PFAS elimination, execution plans in the form of legislative and technical resources, or the quarterly webinars.

Once you sign up, you will receive an email when the program launches on July 11th that contains all details on how to join our online CCMC Mobilize community, which will host all program resources.

Yes, you must be an OIA member to participate in CCMC. Leadership and Support+ members have access to the program’s full scope of benefits. Support members have access to news, information and insights from our working group, and a calendar to stay in the know on compliance dates.

First, register your interest in joining the CCMC community. Once you join, you can sign up for our online Mobilize community, where members will have access to all information regarding new CCMC program, event, and webinar opportunities.

Mobilize allows community members to network and connect just as you would on any other social platform. Members can go to the “Feed” page on Mobilize to chat, ask questions, share best practices, and collaborate.

Join our member-led collective

Become an OIA member and join our passionate group of business leaders, sustainability experts, policymakers, and outdoor enthusiasts committed to business growth and innovation while protecting—and growing access to—the benefits of the outdoors for everyone.

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