Board Elections

The 2017 election cycle is now complete. 

Outdoor Industry Association’s (OIA) charge is to link together our industry, so we can drive meaningful change in the areas of public policy, sustainable business and outdoor participation. If I take away one strong belief from my time as board chair it is this: Individually we can do some things, but together we can do anything. As a member of OIA, one of the benefits—and responsibilities—is participation in the election of well-qualified individuals to serve on the OIA board of directors. These individuals help shape OIA’s strategic plan and focus to support the industry. We need and appreciate your participation in the 2017 election.

The OIA board is responsible for establishing a long-term strategy and annual working plans and budgets that advance the interests of the membership. Through the comments, suggestions, feedback and experiences of OIA members, the board and staff develop an understanding of what’s important to the membership. Member values provide the perspective needed to round out the skill sets represented on the current board.

With the evolving needs of the product selling cycle and the role the trade show plays in this, the board believes it is critical to add additional directors with executive-level decision-making experience and supply chain leadership. This year, OIA’s Nominating and Governance Committee and the board are pleased to present this slate of three highly qualified individuals who bring the experience, perspectives, skill and diversity we are seeking, while meeting the criterion of a personal passion for and commitment to outdoor recreation.

One director, Jim Zwiers (Wolverine World Wide), will be vacating his seat due to term limits—the board thanks him for his dedicated service. The slate of candidates that we are presenting—to keep the board at its current size of 16 directors—includes a recommendation to fill that open seat with Scott Buelter (Ascent 360). Two additional candidates are also on the ballot: Mark Satkiewicz (TOMS) and Mike Joyce (PrimaLoft) are incumbent directors, both eligible for second elected three-year terms.

OIA’s bylaws specify the option of holding an uncontested election, which is a best practice for both nonprofit and for-profit organizations and ensures that the board is composed of directors who have the necessary skills and experience. When the board exercises that option, as we are for this election, the bylaws specify a “majority vote” process by which a nominee must win a majority of “FOR” votes from OIA members who are voting. A nominee who fails to receive a majority of “FOR” votes will not be seated, and the open position will be filled by board appointment.

As a key OIA stakeholder, your company’s opinion on who should serve on the board of directors matters.

Vote Today
For your convenience, you can vote online or through our paper ballot. Please cast your vote by Thursday, May 25, 2017, at 5:00 p.m. (MDT).

Many thanks for helping OIA be a catalyst for industry progress. Together we are a force.

Sincerely yours, 



Gordon Seabury
Chair, Board of Directors
Outdoor Industry Association


OIA Board Governance Changes

In 2014 and 2015, OIA’s board invested significant time, study, and thought in evaluating its own effectiveness and that of the association. In doing this governance work, we challenged ourselves to adopt best practices with the goal of serving the important needs of members. The work has resulted in a number of positive changes, including updated bylaws and board roles and responsibilities. For a detailed FAQ on the OIA Board governance changes, click here.