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What is climate action corps?

OIA members who participate in the Climate Action Corps commit to collaboratively developing climate change solutions and implementing them in our organizations and throughout our value chains. We take bold, collective action against climate change by reducing and removing greenhouse gas emissions across the outdoor industry, carving a new, bold path for others to follow. Our objective is to drive the outdoor industry towards reducing our collective emissions 50% by 2030, and to achieve net-zero by 2050 in order to reduce the worst impacts from climate change, and limit global warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius.  

OIA is here to help with:


  • Impact CoLabs provide an opportunity to reduce emissions with industry partners where it’s too difficult to do it alone. Projects include topics such as renewable energy, electrification, efficient manufacturing, supplier decarbonization and more
  • Task forces provide a space for members to discuss industry solutions to pressing challenges, including topics such as sustainable materials, supplier engagement, compliance, and more
  • In-person convenings to hear the latest industry highlights, be part of active discussions, and network with industry peers 
  • Webinars to discuss different approaches to solve common challenges 
  • Peer-to-peer support  


  • Resources including a comprehensive guidebook and worksheets to help you on your climate journey 
  • Educational webinars and trainings to give you tactical steps in tackling emissions 
  • Guest speakers to provide expertise on climate issues and solutions 
  • Consultations with experts to get advise on specific practices 
  • Discounts on emissions measurement tools and consulting services 
  • US Federal, State, and EU sustainability policy updates 

Collective Action

  • Advocacy opportunities to harmonize efforts and provide an amplified, unified voice on behalf of the industry and the planet
  • Impact CoLabs to achieve greater impact together than could be achieved alone
  • Guidance for the industry to use together, update together, and maximize impact 
  • Case Studies on collective action 


  • The Climate Action Corps Steering Committee guides strategy for the corps to ensure companies have the opportunities and information they need to help achieve their climate goals 
  • Annual progress report to transparently report on sustainability progress and be held accountable for your climate goals 
  • Annual Impact Report to learn where the corps stands in its climate journey 
  • Annual survey to provide feedback to OIA on what your company needs 

What Industy Leaders Say about the Corps

We know that our employees, shareholders, customers, and – most importantly – the next generations are expecting us to be the change.

See Our 2022 Progress

Impact CoLabs

Impact CoLabs are targeted collaborations that OIA leads or partners on to help Climate Action Corps members work together to reduce emissions that are hardest to reach by one company alone.

These outdoor brands came together, in partnership with their suppliers, to reduce emissions across the outdoor industry value chain. To reach a more

Brands collaborate ​in a challenging market ​to ​advance ​solar energy ​investments ​with suppliers Clean energy is best achieved by collective action. And

Three drinkware brands, one mission: protect the planet Making a significant move to create a more sustainable future, three drinkware brands came

In partnership with

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