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These outdoor brands came together, in partnership with their suppliers, to reduce emissions across the outdoor industry value chain. To reach a more sustainable future, we must take bold, collective action against climate change. Helly Hansen, Columbia Sportswear, and L.L. Bean came together through  Outdoor Industry Association’s (OIA) Carbon Leadership Project

Brands collaborate ​in a challenging market ​to ​advance ​solar energy ​investments ​with suppliers Clean energy is best achieved by collective action. And that’s exactly what REI, Burton, and NEMO Equipment set out to do through OIA’s Vietnam Renewable Energy Impact CoLab. In collaboration with Allotrope Partners, these brands ideated sustainable

Three drinkware brands, one mission: protect the planet Making a significant move to create a more sustainable future, three drinkware brands came together in a first-of-its-kind effort to reduce carbon emissions across the drinkware supply chain. Deemed the Drinkware CoLab, ​ MiiR, Stanley, and YETI, facilitated by the Outdoor Industry Association (OIA), spearheaded

This Pride Month, we’re celebrating the love that the LGBTQ+ community shows the outdoors all year long. From hiking and camping to paddleboarding and kayaking, LGBTQ+ individuals are recreating outside at a higher rate than any other adult cohort. how is the LGBTQ+ community breaking barriers? Members of the LGBTQ+

Outdoor participation grew 4.1% to a record 175.8 million participants: 57.3% of all Americans aged six and older.

Sustainability has been central to OIA’s mission since 2007, when the first sustainability working group launched. Since then, our sustainability programming has continued to grow, fostering a culture of collaboration where members take the reins, determine the agenda, invest personally, and encourage partnership without succumbing to competitive barriers. Last week

Register for the webinar series in your member portal Click Here The European Commission has passed several pieces of legislation that will impact the apparel, footwear, and outdoor industries worldwide. Companies importing products into Europe will need to comply with rigorous new requirements. These laws may also serve as a

  Live Date: Tuesday, May 21, 2024 Supply chain management and customs compliance policy can be daunting. Designed specifically for those new to trade policy, this final session in OIA’s Capitol Summit Series provides you with the insights and tools to successfully navigate the world of international trade, including supply chain logistics, customs regulations, and trade policy. You’ll gain a comprehensive understanding

Join our webinar with EU policy and textile industry experts for an overview of the most critical policy files that will impact the textile and fashion industry in the next years.

  Live Date: May 14, 2024 Move equity in the outdoors forward and learn actionable ways to align your business strategy to inclusive growth. In this edition of OIA’s Capitol Summit Series, we dive into the challenges and solutions surrounding equitable outdoor recreation access, from policy solutions to grassroots advocacy and action. Hear

Webinar date: May 7, 2024 Watch our webinar recording and learn how to advocate for the long-term health of the outdoors, outdoor participants, and your company’s bottom line. Industry policy experts share in-depth exploration of the policy landscape, why it’s relevant to your business, and how you can drive change at

Picture this: a path where every step forward leads toward a sustainable future. That’s the trail the outdoor industry is blazing—one where the outdoor experience is protected, and our products resonate with purpose.

This Black History Month, we’re recognizing and celebrating Black leaders within the Outdoor Foundation’s Thrive Outside network. These individuals are not only shaping the landscape of outdoor leadership but are also reshaping our collective perception of who belongs in the outdoors. Follow along as we interview leaders from across the

As the outdoor industry’s member-led collective, OIA is a passionate group of business leaders, climate experts, policymakers, and outdoor enthusiasts committed to sustainable economic growth and climate positivity while protecting—and growing access to—the benefits of the outdoors for everyone. To set our businesses and industry up for future success, we rely on

By James Pollack, OIA Clean Chemistry and Materials Coalition Legislative Advisor, Attorney at Marten Law In October 2023, EPA finalized a rule that will require reporting on PFAS in all articles manufactured or imported into the United States from January 1, 2011 to December 31, 2022. You can view the

In 2023, Outdoor Industry Association (OIA) and the outdoor community experienced a transformative journey marked by change and growth. With fresh faces on board and a revamped OIA member portal, innovation became our driving force, fueled by the unwavering support of members and fellow outdoor enthusiasts like you. Together, we

2023 Thrive Outside Days

Thanks to Thrive Outside community leaders, partners, and participants, our 2023 Thrive Outside Day events were an overwhelming success! Read and see below how a few of the 13 Thrive Outside Communities across the country created an array of new opportunities for children, youth, and their families to enjoy the

Today, the U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA) released new data showcasing the tremendous impact of outdoor recreation on America’s economy. In 2022, the BEA found that outdoor recreation accounted for $1.1 trillion in gross economic output, 2.2% of gross domestic product (GDP), and supported 5 million jobs across the United States.  

As the outdoor industry’s member-led collective, OIA catalyzes meaningful change in every element of the industry. To set our businesses and industry up for future success, we rely on a clear strategy and value-based collaboration. Our board of directors helps shape OIA’s strategic plan. The individuals on the board, through

Q&A with Cha Cha Sawyer, Coalition Coordinator for King County Play Equity Coalition  The Outdoor Foundation’s Thrive Outside Initiative is a national network of partners working to create a more inclusive and accessible outdoor experience for all. In this Impact Stories series, we talk to local Thrive Outside leaders to