Sustainable business is the business of asking, “how can we do this better?” From raw material sourcing to the end of life of a product, we believe in asking the questions that help us build better products, address shared environmental challenges and promote the welfare of the people, animals, and resources involved in manufacturing outdoor apparel, footwear, and equipment.

At OIA, we’re proud to support the outdoor industry’s work to drive change and improve environmental and social responsibility. We don’t have all the answers, but we’re not shying away from asking the questions. And neither should you.


Know what’s happening in your supply chain

Supply chains are complex and difficult to navigate, but tracing products from raw materials sourcing to assembly is the best way to proactively address risks before they become problems.


Chemicals Management

Not all chemicals are created equal. A clear understanding of the chemicals used throughout the manufacturing process ensures product quality, consistency, and safety.


Animal Welfare

Wool, down, and leather are materials commonly used in outdoor industry products and we work hard to ensure the well-being of all animals in the supply chain.


Social Responsibility

The outdoor industry strives to advance social responsibility awareness, standards, innovation and practices throughout our supply chains.

Priority Issues

OIA keeps track of priority issues impacting supply chain, environmental responsibilty, land use and materials. Start here to find out what’s on our radar.


Explore the tools to dig deeper into your own supply chain and sustainability practices.

Higg Index
This tools provides a standardized framework and language to assess product-level sustainability. An excellent starting point for digging deeper.

Chemicals Management
Mitigate supply chain distruptions by improving chemicals management and integrating more sustainabile chemistry practices throughout the supply chain.

Materials Traceability
Tools to help companies put systems in place to increase traceability thoughout their supply chain.

Social Responsibility
Improve operational efficiencies, ensure regulatory compliance, promote responsible sourcing and better inform purchasing decisions across the industry.


Our collective is driving change in the industry and can help your company do the same. We have many ways to get involved.


Not sure where to go or what you need?

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