OIA’s state policy program works to support thriving business, people, and the planet at the local level. Harmonized efforts at the state and federal levels provide an amplified, unified voice on behalf of the industry across the nation. Our policy agenda prioritizes inclusion, partnership, and collective action as we move forward to protect and grow the health of the industry, expand accessibility for current and future outdoorists, and take action to protect our planet.



By prioritizing efforts that guarantee and increase access to green spaces and nature, we aspire to ensure that all Americans experience the joy and wonder of being outdoors.

  • Continue and expand advocacy to protect public lands of all types and fund recreation amenities to meet increased consumer and participant need.
  • Advocate for sustainable recreation funding prioritizing close-to-home access, as well as increased green infrastructure in nature-starved areas.
Person on beach in Oregon at sunset


OIA’s vision for a healthy outdoor industry includes building an equitable and inclusive outdoors. Our team will expand advocacy on state and federal policies dedicating funding and developing programs that create an outdoors for all. Policies and efforts to break down barriers to the outdoors and nature-based experiences are pivotal for the survival of the industry, and these policies enable more diverse groups of outdoorists have reliable and sustained connection to nature.

  • Bolster state advocacy efforts to support policies and increase funding for programs designed to expand access to the outdoors for all, including state-based outdoor equity funds and similar initiatives.
  • Support the development of outdoor-focused education throughout the country to ensure that children and families of all backgrounds have early and continuous exposure to nature and outdoor recreation.
  • Develop a durable and science-based platform utilizing existing research demonstrating the health and wellness impacts of time outdoors.
Waterfall in forest


OIA will advocate for climate, conservation, and natural climate solutions policy at the state level. These policies protect the spaces where recreationists connect to nature, and encourage participants to become responsible and engaged stewards.

  • Advocate on climate and conservation and natural climate solutions policy at the state level.
  • Work alongside local policymakers and governors to encourage state policy and regulatory actions in support of the “Conserving and Restoring America the Beautiful” initiative.


Outdoor recreation is a growing economic force for states and communities across the country. In order to thrive, these economies must be supported in a range of ways including technical assistance for businesses and entrepreneurialism, continued access to resources and funding to develop and maintain recreation assets, and leadership and stewardship from strong local community builders.

  • Work to support continued development of robust urban and rural outdoor recreation economies.
  • Continue to support the creation and growth of state-based outdoor recreation offices or state directors of outdoor recreation. These offices serve as a galvanizing point for the diverse stakeholders across the outdoor industry, public sector partners, and other collaborators.

Offices of Outdoor Recreation

Governors, state legislators, county commissioners, mayors and other policymakers understand the value of outdoor recreation for their local economies and communities. Learn more about the growing movement of Offices of Outdoor Recreation (ORECs) across the country. Getting involved locally can net big results in the long term.



State & Local Government Affairs Manager