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August 10 – 12, 2021.

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Together, for a Thriving Future

As your trade association and the industry’s collective voice, we work with and on behalf of our members to promote a future of Thriving People, a Thriving Planet, and Thriving Outdoor Business. July 13 – August 12 we will be hosting sessions discussing initiatives, policy and actions we can take to ensure a thriving outdoor future.

Virtual Sessions: July 13, 20, 27 and August 3, 2021
Live Sessions: August 10 – 12, 2021


Inclusivity at the Forefront: The Time Is Now for Brands to Change

Learn how the fashion industry is taking meaningful action to integrate diversity, equity and inclusion principles, and how the outdoor industry can find ways to truly allow everyone to use their voice.

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Climate Action: Ambition, Collaboration and Practical Steps to Guide Our Industry’s Path to Climate Positive

What does “climate positive” even mean? How can the outdoor industry get there? Hear practical, achievable steps you can take in your day-to-day business to transform the status-quo by reducing what you emit, removing even more, and advocating for policies that matter most.

The Outdoor Business Climate Partnership Presents: Climate Advocacy in 2021

The new administration has the most progressive climate agenda of any administration in U.S. history. There’s lots of exciting change in store, but also lots of hard work from all of us to make the most out of this opportunity to tackle this existential threat.

Climate Action: Run Cleaner. Renewable Energy 101: Sourcing 100 Percent Renewable Is Easier Than You Think

If your company wants to source renewable energy in the U.S. but finds the landscape dizzying, watch this 101 session. We cut through the clutter to bring you the need-to-know basics.

Thriving People and Planet: How Public Policy Can Build An Outdoors for All

Learn how public policy can increase outdoor participation and how increasing participation, in turn, supports youth development, environmental stewardship, and health and wellness.

Thriving People and Thriving Planet: The 30 by 30 Initiative Is An Opportunity to Create a Shared Outdoor Future

Learn about 30 by 30 for People & Planet—an effort to protect at least 30% of America’s land and ocean by 2030. Speakers include outdoor recreation advocates, sportsmen, tribal leaders and equity experts.

Thriving People, Thriving Planet and Thriving Businesses: Biden, Congress and the Outdoor Recreation Economy

With a new administration and Congress, we can help tackle climate change, protect our public lands and waters, expand access to the outdoors and help our industry recover from COVID-19.

Thriving People and Thriving Business: Outdoor Companies Leading With Inclusive and Representative Marketing

Diversity and inclusion should not be performative buzzwords. Hear about the work brands are doing to rethink their marketing strategies, build authentic relationships and incorporate strong representation in their advertising.

A New Beginning? Opportunities and Challenges for Outdoor Products and Global Supply Chains in 2021

In recent years outdoor companies have faced a series of threats to their supply chains. Hear how outdoor businesses are dealing with disruptions and where we see opportunities for growth.

Prospects for Climate Solutions in the 117th Congress: A Conversation with Senator Sheldon Whitehouse

Long-time climate champion Senator Sheldon Whitehouse reveals his optimism for what climate solutions can get done this Congress and why now is a critical time for outdoor businesses to show up. Hear practical insight on what federal legislative action is possible, what it will take and how the outdoor business voice can play a key role.

Climate Action: Make Better. A Behind-the-Scenes Look at How Climate Action Corps Companies are Reducing Supply Chain Emissions

If you’re not already down the path of reducing your carbon footprint, let us help you get a jump start. From recycled content to renewable energy, gain the know-how to drive down carbon emissions where it matters most – your supply chain.