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At Outdoor Retailer, OIA presents education sessions on the topics that matter most to you and your outdoor brand, including addressing barriers to inclusivity in the outdoors, building outdoor advocacy plans, meeting sustainable product development expectations, and mitigating the myriad risks to business success. OIA team members, field experts, and research analysts will provide you with the tools and application strategies you need to carry your brand into the outdoors of the future. Together we network, share ideas, and innovate creative solutions to drive our shared values forward and catalyze positive change for the outdoor industry. 

day one

PFAS Phase-Out: The trail to sustainable product development

Tuesday, November 14 9:30-10:20AM

You have probably started hearing a lot about PFAS, a large, complex group of synthetic chemicals found in various everyday consumer products. A combination of regulatory requirements and consumer demand has created growing pressure on sectors worldwide to achieve PFAS elimination. OIA’s new industry-wide sustainability program, Clean Chemistry and Materials Coalition, is here to help. Our consulting service and working group is designed to help member companies balance financial and product management risks with new and existing sustainability legislation while retaining customer loyalty and demand for sustainably made products. Join OIA’s CCMC legislative advisor, James Pollack, to learn how to meet PFAS compliance standards. 

Lobbying 101: The tools for effective advocacy for your outdoor business 

Tuesday, November 14 12:30-2:00PM

From climate, conservation, and equity in the outdoors to international trade, there is an urgent need for outdoor businesses to engage in advocacy for the outdoors and the outdoor recreation economy. And our outside voice matters: we are a $862 billion economic engine accounting for 2% of US GDP and supporting 4.5 million American jobs. Over the past several years, we have seen a record number of new and returning participants in outdoor recreation. Bottom line: you are a catalyst for the outdoors and our shared public policy agenda. And with the 2024 presidential and congressional elections just around the corner, now is the time to step up. Join OIA’s Director of Government Affairs, Rich Harper, for a robust conversation on the key issues facing our industry, why it is so important to participate in advocacy, and the tools your business can use to engage policymakers at the state and federal level.   


How to Adapt to the Evolving Outdoor Consumer 

Wednesday, November 15 9:30-10:20AM

Whether you’re a marketing, PR, or business leader, your strategy and success depend on how much you understand the market and consumer behaviors. Join OIA’s Research Director Kelly Davis to learn about the state of the outdoor market and the latest trends in outdoor recreation participation. You’ll gain insight into economic conditions impacting the outdoor industry, consumer confidence and sentiment, trends in consumer spending, and a full view of the evolving and emerging outdoor participant base.

The Path Ahead: How the Emerging Outdoor Consumer and Sustainability Will Shape the Future of Our Industry  

Wednesday, November 15 12:30-2:00PM

The outdoor recreation participation base is growing, but did you know the “core” group of outdoor consumers is getting smaller? Join OIA’s Research Director Kelly Davis for a deep dive on outdoor recreation participation and consumer behavior. During this session, we’ll delve into critical market issues such as demographic shifts, the influence of climate change on outdoor recreation, and the impact of inflation on consumer spending. We will also address industry-specific concerns including PFAS regulation and potential risks and opportunities within supply chains. You’ll leave this session with a clear understanding of the current state of the outdoor market, along with insights into future opportunities for growth.   

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