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The Skip Yowell Future Leadership Academy

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An immersive leadership experience for the next generation of outdoor industry ambassadors and game-changers.

The Future Leadership Academy is a six-month program to prepare, unite and amplify the voice of future outdoor industry leaders. The academy will help prepare 32 outstanding and committed individuals to assume industry leadership positions in the years ahead. These individuals will receive personal and professional development opportunities that include education about important outdoor industry issues, leadership training and mentoring from industry veterans.

Applications are now closed for the 2017 class. Applications for the 2018 class of the Skip Yowell Future Leadership Academy will be officially opened July 26, 2017.

Benefits to Academy Participants

  • Amazing community and connection with industry sages and emerging leaders
  • Learn about the industry via cross-functional perspective
  • Develop important leadership and character attributes
  • Build a more robust resume
  • Have a unique and exclusive career-building experience

Education Tracks

  • Individual Focused Learning

    Personality Assessments

    Excellent Leadership Training from Inside and Outside the Outdoor Industry

    Facilitation and Conflict Resolution Training

    Focus on Personal Core Values, Mindfulness and Character Development

  • Outdoor Industry Focused Learning
    Community Leadership

    Board Service
    Civic Engagement

    Supply Chain Responsibility: People, Planet and Product

    Supply Chain Management Overview
    Cross Collaboration
    Innovation: Systems and Product Design

    Advocacy Reporting and Storytelling

    Recreation and Conservation Laws and Advocacy 101
    Recreation of the Future
    Business and Legacy of Recreation

    Market and Consumer Insights Research

    Today’s and Tomorrow’s Outdoor Consumer
    Research Tactics to Solve Business Problems
    Practical Applications to Strengthen Business Strategy

Here is the gathering schedule for 2017


As part of the program, industry sages will serve as cohort Guides to the candidates. They will mentor, teach and provide support in various ways over the nine-month period.  Guides involved in the program will be announced in January.

Cost of the Skip Yowell Future Leadership Academy

The program cost is $2,000. Payments plans are available.  This includes:

  • ORWM overnight orientation (food and lodging included)
  • A four-day ‘Camp’ offsite retreat (food, lodging and travel to/from DIA included)
  • Personality assessments and in-person learning
  • Online learning, webinars with industry leaders and robust curriculum
  • Some Capitol Summit expenses for 7-8 individuals
  • The Futurist Project

*Travel costs to be covered by participants. Time off for the participants can either be covered by the company or PTO, to be arranged between employer and employee.

Additional questions? Read the FAQ.

For questions, contact Stasia Walker.