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The Outdoor Industry Aspires to Become Climate Positive: Are You In?

January 27, 2020, 8:30 am
The Studio Loft, Kevin Taylor, 908 14th St Denver, CO 80202

Opening Keynote Address by REI CEO Eric Artz, Additional Remarks from REI Director of Sustainability, Brand Stewardship and Impact Matt Thurston

Description: REI has been one of our industry’s biggest champions and loudest voices over the years, providing leadership in sustainable business on a number of fronts. But, says Artz, when it comes to addressing climate change, our industry has responsibility to do more. In his remarks, Artz will share his personal story, which underpins his professional commitment to address climate change on three fronts: advocacy, business operations and customer education and engagement.

Climate change impacts the places we play. It impacts our supply chains, affecting pricing and causing disruptions. It impacts our consumers -especially future generations. There are a lot of uncertainties in our future, but one thing is certain: we have a limited amount of time to reverse the worst impacts of climate change and it’s not a solo mission.
It’s going to take every single brand, retailer, and manufacturer in the outdoor industry to measure their emissions, set targets, and work together to meet those targets. But we know that creating an ambitious climate strategy that fits your organization can feel overwhelming. Which is why Outdoor Industry Association (OIA) is developing a road map for industry climate action, helping to support members in measuring their emissions, setting targets, and deploying aggressive reduction measures throughout the value chain.
The Outdoor Industry Climate Action Corps invites outdoor companies to blaze a trail towards ambitious greenhouse gas emissions reduction and collaboratively work across the value chain to ultimately become climate positive. It’s our industry’s commitmentto action -to measure, set goals, drive reductions,participate in advocacy and engage our consumers on this critical issue. For over ten years, the OIA Sustainability Working Group has worked tirelessly to identify best practices and advance the sustainability of our industry. Now it’s time to show that, together, we’re a force for climate action.

Want to take action on climate but unsure where to start? This day is for you! Already measured your GHG emissions and set a target? Join us to learn and prioritize opportunities to help you meet your targets faster through collaboration. Hear from REI and other industry leaders and experts on why climate change is the biggest existential threat facing the outdoors and the outdoor industry, learn what it takes to sign onto the Climate Action Corps, receive guidance on measuring and reducing your emissions as well as learn from brands and retailers who are leading the way on ambitious climate action.

This meeting is for brands, manufacturers and suppliers in the outdoor industry. The meeting is closed to media.


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