2018 OIA Board of Directors Nominees

Jonathan Cedar

Biolite, CEO

Background & Relevant Experience:
As an outdoor industry product innovator, brand builder and lifelong participant, I hope that my experience can help OIA engage the next generation of outdoor participants with compelling product innovation, strategies that engage the digital native consumer and reinforcing core values with real action:

  • Champion the integration of leading-edge technology into products that are simultaneously advanced and environmentally friendly.
  • Be a sounding board – and co-navigator – in the rapidly changing commercial landscape for retailers and brands alike; born as an online direct-to-consumer brand, BioLite has quickly integrated retail, distributors, Amazon and Kickstarter into an omnichannel strategy.
  • Serve as an advocate for the outdoor industry’s strong history of leadership in socially responsible business practices including environmental and social justice. Through our mission of clean energy access we have tried to set an example of transparency and impact measurement with core initiatives such as our annual Impact Report and Carbon Neutrality commitment.

Phyllis Grove

Hydro Flask, VP Marketing & eCommerce

Background & Relevant Experience:
If approved to join the OIA Board of Directors, I would bring 25+ years of marketing experience, including 9+ years in marketing leadership roles with outdoor brands Mountain Hardwear, KEEN and Hydro Flask. I have been active in Camber Outdoors and particularly enjoy being a mentor. I have demonstrated success understanding the customer, building brands, growing businesses and developing high-performing teams, all of which would help me partner with OIA stakeholders to elevate the OIA brand and maximize outward communication opportunities. My customer and communications strengths tie particularly well to the OIA focus on increasing participation and would also help promote sustainability and advocacy.

As a lifelong hiker, I find inspiration and rejuvenation in the outdoors and would like to help make a national impact promoting and protecting the outdoors – and take my industry contribution to the next level.

Dana Howe

Grassroots Outdoor Alliance, Retailer Relations Manager

Background & Relevant Experience:
My current role at Grassroots continues to give me a strong understanding of the needs of our membership—specialty outdoor retailers who form the foundation of the outdoor industry. My conscience is not only rooted in doing the right thing, but doing so while advocating for specialty outdoor retailers. This puts me in a unique position to bring broad perspective and knowledge from the most influential channel of outdoor retail to the OIA Board.

This is proven in my work to bring the needs of specialty retail into the industry spotlight. I have a firm understanding of the importance of specialty retail in the outdoor industry, and can provide insight into steering OIA with that context. In addition, I have the unique opportunity to act as a conduit back to our shareholders and the broader specialty retail community.

Finally, I’m a passionate outdoorist, climber, runner and paddler who deeply cares about outdoor spaces on a personal and professional level. I will continue to represent the needs of the outdoors in any capacity in which I serve.

Rue Mapp

Outdoor Afro, Founder & CEO

Background & Relevant Experience:
I have come to appreciate that support for our industry and the environment often starts with early, easy and relevant access to the outdoors that moves individuals and communities toward a transformed experience within our national heritage for happier, healthier and more sustainable lives. We all know that the future success of outdoor retail and its adjacent markets will depend on growing our reach. Connections to urban populations—especially the African American market that exceeds $1 trillion in spending and influence annually, and how and where new audiences recreate is my core focus and joy. Since Outdoor Afro’s founding, I have been actively engaged in public policy work, which, for me, includes inviting an elected official on a hike or to attend regional meetings and hearings that impact local communities. My experience has helped prepare me for now serving as a California State Parks Commissioner and will, I believe, continue to benefit OIA if I am re-elected to the board.

This is a critical time for our industry to embrace the wide diversity that exists among outdoor recreation participants. In particular, there is a pressing need to better engage users of color in the U.S. who are disproportionally underrepresented in the outdoor retail marketing, senior management, outreach and in visual representation overall.

Bruce Old

Patagonia, VP of Global Wholesale Sales

Background & Relevant Experience:
My work experience is 100% within our industry. I’ve done a variety of jobs over the last 26 years (all within Patagonia) ranging from retail sales to my current role as vice president of wholesale. I’ve spent about half of my career working in our company-owned stores and web business (direct business) and the other half working with retailers. These roles have given me the background and experience to create opportunities for a manufacturer and retailer to work together to benefit everyone, especially the customer. This is a key industry issue for brands and retailers and will benefit with strong leadership from OIA.

Clearly this is not the only key issue we are facing, but many require the experience of having managed a multi- or omni-channel business to see all sides. It is an example of what I can bring to the table for OIA: helping to coordinate our industry priorities through our membership and onto the customer. While I’m confident that I can deliver, there will always be important areas that are new to me. Thankfully I’m in a unique position where I can call on expertise from my Patagonia colleagues to support OIA and continue to create value for the membership.

Jim Smith

Mountain Chalet, Owner

Background & Relevant Experience:
Jim is the owner of Mountain Chalet, Colorado’s oldest specialty outdoor retailer, based in Colorado Springs. Jim enjoys wearing the many hats required of a small business owner – strategy, finance, marketing, buying and even working the sales floor. Mountain Chalet is a member of Grassroots Outdoor Alliance. Jim has nearly 30 years of strategy, finance & accounting, acquisition, planning and development experience with companies such as Vail Resorts and Mammoth Mountain Ski Area. Jim’s prior board of director experience includes two public land conservation and stewardship organizations, including the Rocky Mountain Field Institute and non-profit affordable housing. When not in the shop, Jim enjoys telemark skiing, rock climbing, fly fishing and trail running.

Jim’s practical, hands-on experience from both the corporate and small business communities adds a key perspective for OIA. Jim is a member of OIA’s Audit & Finance Committee.