Sustainability Working Group

What is the SWG?

The OIA Sustainability Working Group (OIA SWG) is a collaborative effort among more than 150 outdoor brands, retailers, suppliers and other stakeholder organizations working to identify and implement better business practices throughout our shared supply chains.


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We are a collaborative group of brands and suppliers. Our work has resulted in the development of tools and guidance documents that are used far beyond our own supply chains, establishing the outdoor industry as a leader in responsible business. The OIA SWG includes chemicals management, materials traceability, social responsibility and product indexing within its scope and offers a platform to engage with fellow outdoor industry professionals on these issues.

Vision & Core Values

The future we imagine is one in which the outdoor industry thrives within ecological limits and contributes to healthy communities globally.

We are committed to working together to align our businesses and supply chains around the best environmental and social practices, to fulfill the expectations held by us and our consumers, that we pioneer new and innovative ways of doing things — not just in how our apparel, footwear and gear functions during use, but also in the manufacturing process.


  • Tool Adoption and Measurement of Impact Reduction: Promote widespread adoption of the Higg Index within the outdoor industry; Provide SWG tools in an accessible and easy to use format via the OIA website; Measure industry-wide progress and use data to identify gaps and priority needs/projects
  • Priority Issues: provide education/resources and collective voice to address key issues for the outdoor industry
  • Policy and Regulatory Support: provide information and resources on existing and developing regulations (focus on chemicals regulations) and where appropriate, engage in developing regulations with significant potential impact on the industry

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The OIA Sustainability Working Group (SWG) has an open membership with varying opportunities for engagement. We encourage all companies throughout the supply chain to get involved

Questions about joining? Our Sustainable Business Innovation Manager is here to help. Ask Nikki!

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