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Rerouted Receives Seed Funding for Technology Development and Marketing Initiatives

March 21, 2022

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Chap Grubb
(575) 741-6153

Albuquerque, NM

Albuquerque, NM — Rerouted is proudly announcing their first institutional investments from SCAPE Investment Fund 6 & GOS Capital, followed by a number of local angel investors. Rerouted is working to revolutionize the Outdoor Resale Industry by making it easier than ever for people and businesses to buy, sell and donate used outdoor gear online. Rerouted’s technology makes it as easy to choose used gear as it is to consume new products. Rerouted’s mission is to facilitate access, education and sustainability to inspire the next generation of wilderness advocates.

Rerouted is excited to announce the SCAPE Investment Fund 6 as our lead investor. They were joined by fellow VC, Scott Goodman of GOSCapital. Additionally, this round included 5 angel investors – including: John Wolgamott, RJ & Hannah Jenkins, Rick Shor and David & Lodie Grubb. The team would like to thank all their investors for their continued confidence and belief in Rerouted. 

Below are some quotes from Rerouted’s Seed Investors –

“SCAPE Investment Fund 6 is excited to partner with Rerouted as they address the timely issue of buying and selling used outdoor gear.  They have a strong team that is poised to take their success to the next level.” – Elizabeth Marsh, Executive Director, SCAPE Investment Fund 6

“Rerouted is the tip of the spear in the outdoor gear industry’s transition to the circular economy. While it’s great that the big players like Patagonia and Timberland are offering platforms for resale of their used gear, Rerouted is curating a community and marketplace to make choosing used outdoor gear easier for everyone.” – Hannah Jenkins, Rerouted Angel Investor

Rerouted is excited to announce SCAPE’s board representative, Cole Sandau. His passion for wilderness and experience as a successful tech entrepreneur will be an invaluable asset to the team moving forward. This funding will allow them to streamline their user experience, automate more processes and increase brand awareness. 

Rerouted is continuing to raise funding to accelerate the growth of their platform solution. Feel free to contact their CEO, Chap Grubb, with any questions at

About Rerouted

Rerouted is an online platform solution that helps people & businesses buy, sell or donate their used gear online. They are utilizing modern technology to streamline the process from start to finish. They are developing tools & software that will empower people & local gear stores to get their gear back out to the next generation of wilderness advocates.

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