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Reima presents new solutions for sustainable kids’ activewear with first 100% recyclable children’s jacket

February 26, 2020

Media Contact

Marcy Fitzpatrick

Vantaa, Finland

Reima, the Finland-based premium brand for kids’ activewear, is launching its first mono-material product, the Voyager jacket. With the ability to be fully-recycled, the jacket is bringing sustainability to children’s outerwear while contributing to the cleaning of the Baltic Sea. The Voyager is being released as part of Reima’s spring/summer 2020 collection of entirely fluorocarbon-free outerwear, eco- conscious SunProof recycled polyester swimwear and non-toxic Xylitol Cool fabrics.

Reima has been getting kids dressed for the outdoors since 1944 and continues to do so with its spring/summer collection that is designed to be functional, offer protection from the elements and last from one generation to the next while remaining free from harmful chemicals. This season, Reima has taken some juicy, healthy summer fruit into its print patterns, enriching the classic, cool summer color palette with a couple of warm, spicy colours. The top-notch fabrics and details along with the uncompromised comfort designed on kids’ terms, are making Reima a parents’ preferred choice all over the world.

100% Recyclable Voyager Jacket

The Voyager jacket is designed to show how a sustainable future is truly possible for our kids – made to be reused, recycled and reborn. It not only fulfils the high quality standards of Reima, it is a pioneer project in circular economy, closing the loop between production, active use and upcycling, when the jacket is handed down to Reima for recycling at the end of its life.

Apart from the metal zipper lock and snaps, which can be recycled as metal, everything in the Voyager is polyester. The jacket can be easily and completely regenerated into polymers for new products. To enable monitoring of the recycling process, each jacket has a unique trackable ID for registering and tracking its journey. With each registered jacket, Reima is donating 11 USD (10 EUR) to remove toxic blue-green algae from the Baltic Sea through Finland’s John Nurminen Foundation, helping marine life thrive and letting kids living around the Baltic swim in cleaner water.

“This is an entirely new way to register a product. According to our knowledge, a similar effort has not yet been seen in the garment industry. There are registration programs for watches or sunglasses, and guarantees given to the first owner of a garment, but the guarantees and benefits consumers get by registering are not transferred to the next owner. Our way of thinking is different,” explains Reima’s R&D and Sustainability Director Dr. Shahriare Mahmood. “Another child reusing the Voyager jacket will save as much CO2 as it would take to produce a new garment. The high quality and classic design of the Voyager jacket ensures it has enough value to be resold and reused by several children. We want to make an ecosystem with a true circular approach and provide the opportunity for our customers to act responsibly. We know that polyester recycling is possible and by creating a proper ecosystem, we are heading to add even more value through upcycling.”

The fluorocarbon-free DWR finish and polyester material enables washing at lower temperatures with less detergent, and quicker drying, all of which contribute to saving energy, water and chemicals during the hopefully very long life of the jacket.

Ecological UV Protection | Recycled Polyester Swimwear

With their new summer collection, Reima introduces swim and beach essentials designed using Reima SunProof Repreve® recycled polyester jersey – composed 82% from plastic water bottles. The quick-drying, breathable material offers a tailored, comfortable fit while providing coverage from harmful sun rays.

The UV 50+ protection in Reima SunProof PES jersey is based on titanium dioxide, a safe white pigment also used in toothpastes. The TiO2 is spun deep inside the fibres to ensure the protection will not wear off or fade in washes. Reima’s other SunProof quality, the printed polyamide jersey, is made through digital printing, which saves water and dyestuff throughout the production process.

Stay Cool with Xylitol

Reima Xylitol Cool technology is like a private, eco-friendly air conditioning that keeps kids feeling comfortable and fresh during summer activities. The finish will absorb heat and the breathable, moisture-wicking fabric will help keep skin dry.

The Xylitol Cool fabric gets its cooling power from edible sweeteners, xylitol and erythritol. The naturally occurring substances ensure the finish is safe and non-toxic, and the cooling effect will still be there even after 20 washes. It’s more than just a cool sensation – the Xylitol Cool starts to absorb heat after 10 minutes of wear and skin temperatures can drop between 1-3 degrees Celsius (1.8–5.4 degrees Fahrenheit) to help kids beat the heat.

Reima’s spring/summer 2020 collection is rolling out now at and retailers nationwide including REI, Zappos and Maisonette.

About Reima

Reima is a leading children’s clothing brand and the only global brand solely dedicated to designing and manufacturing children’s performance active wear. Founded in Kankaanpää, Finland in 1944, Reima Ltd. employs over 500 people and sells products in 40 countries. Reima’s mission is to encourage children to move and play outside, regardless of the weather. With premium, durable apparel designed to last through generations and leveraging innovative and sustainable technologies, Reima keeps the kids dry, comfortable and safe so they can fearlessly explore their world. (Reima, Reimatec and Play Layers are trademarks or registered trademarks of Reima Oy.) Learn more at