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Outdoor Industry Association Invites Brands to Join Finance and Business Operations Benchmarking Study 

April 4, 2024

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Participating brands gain access to trusted insights to rise above the competition.

BOULDER, CO (April 4, 2024) – A member-led collective and the outdoor industry’s catalyst for meaningful change, Outdoor Industry Association (OIA) today announced a new Outdoor Brand Benchmarking Study, which focuses on key finance and business operations benchmarks to help brands understand their position in the market compared to competitors and make informed decisions to drive growth and profitability.

Participants will receive the full results from the study in OIA’s Outdoor Brand Benchmarking Report, which includes:

  • Financial Performance: Key financial ratios and detailed indicators across Profit and Loss, Balance Sheet, and Cash Flow statements, such as revenue growth, profit margins, inventory turnover, and cash cycle.
  • Business Operations: Benchmarks focus on metrics such as SKU count, sales channel mix, marketing mix and ROI, sourcing mix, number of employees, and sales per employee.
  • Actionable Best Practices: Tailored strategies cover revenue and profit optimization, asset management, marketing and sales, sourcing and manufacturing, employee productivity, and innovation.
  • Targeted Insights: Groupings by company size and product line help pinpoint opportunities within specific industry segments and compared to top performers.

“In an evolving and dynamic market, it’s crucial to know where your business stands versus the competition. Participating in this study provides brands with the strategic intelligence needed to drive growth, efficiency, and profitability,” said Kent Ebersole, President of OIA. “Our report ensures decision-makers have access to relevant data for all major business functions so that they can gauge the effectiveness of business operations, set internal goals, and be an industry leader.”

Participating in the study is easy and secure. As the sole and trusted source for finance and business operations benchmarks in the outdoor industry, OIA ensures that information is held confidential and anonymized by third-party survey administrator Qualtrics. Entering company data is straightforward through a secure survey link and takes just 90 minutes to complete. Participants have the flexibility to pause and resume the survey at their convenience and share it within their organization for collaboration.

OIA invites brands to join the benchmarking study to access data worth tens of thousands of dollars, unavailable anywhere else, and position their brand for success. Brands do not have to be OIA members to participate. The deadline to complete the study is May 8th, and participation is free. Interested brands can learn more and sign up here.

About Outdoor Industry Association

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