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Hohenstein and Presize partner for better online fitting

January 21, 2022

Media Contact

Casey Strauch
Hohenstein Institute America
+1 612 239 8830


Hohenstein, a leading specialist in fit and pattern engineering, has joined forces with digital size pioneer, Presize. The partnership now offers a variety of business services, including reliable size tables and digital scaling, that empower online retailers to automatically recommend appropriate garment sizes.

Merging traditional size tables, reliable garment fits and digital body measurements with smartphone technology reduces the number of returned online purchases. Proper fit also reduces waste, lowers footprint and bolsters customer loyalty.

“The better a brand understands sizes, fits and target groups, the more accurately they can automate size recommendations. We help brands meet the different requirements of various sizes, so the fit is comfortable across customer ranges, collections and suppliers,” states Simone Morlock, Head of Hohenstein’s Digital Fitting Lab.

This size and grading advice is now underpinned by digital measurement services and technology based on artificial intelligence. “All it takes to work out the right size, based on a user’s individual body measurements, are some quick questions regarding their age, height and weight, plus an optional video to take measurements. We use an algorithm that learns as it goes along, and this improves the advice given on sizes with each order or return,” states Presize co-founder and CEO, Leon Szeli.

Join the free webinar on “Hohenstein Meets Presize – How sizing fundamentals and reliable fit can increase the effectiveness of smartphone body measurements and reduce eCommerce returns” on March 24, 2022.



About Hohenstein
With more than 40 offices and laboratories, Hohenstein is an international partner for independent testing, certification and applied research around the human-textile-environment interaction. They develop science-based methods and standards that consider the user in real life, not just in the lab. Through standard or customized testing, and interpretation of the results, Hohenstein experts solve problems, verify claims and help partners bring better, safer products to market – more sustainably. Hohenstein’s Digital Fitting Lab launched in 2020 based on decades of work with traditional fit development and body measurements.


About Presize
Presize provides digital clothing size support to online fashion retailers. All it takes is a short smartphone video, with or without information on a user’s body shape, to provide recommendations on the right clothing size. Presize launched in Munich in 2019 based on a foundation of research conducted at Stanford, Cambridge and TU Munich. It currently employs 40 people from 20 countries and already works on behalf of 300 brands, such as Vero Moda and Vaude. Presize was offered the second largest ever individual investment on Die Höhle der Löwen, the German version of the venture capital TV show Dragons’ Den.