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Grundéns Continues Support of Net Your Problem With New Net Collection Facility in Naknek, AK

July 22, 2022

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Poulsbo, WA

July 21, 2022 (Poulsbo, WA)— Grundéns, producer of the world’s leading fishing apparel and footwear, remains steadfast in supporting programs that help preserve fisheries around the world and keep our oceans clean and healthy. By supporting the Net Your Problem net recycling facility in Naknek, AK, Grundéns continues to be at the forefront of positive change within the fishing industry.


In what is set to be a record-breaking salmon fishing season in Bristol Bay, Net Your Problem are poised to begin operation at their new net recycling facility in Naknek, AK. Before Net Your Problem established net recycling centers in key locations throughout Alaska, PNW and the Northeast, fisherman’s only option was to put their discarded nets into landfill. Net Your Problem offers fisherman an economically viable alternative which improve waste management and contribute to the circular economy. Once the nets are collected and baled in a purpose built baling machine, the nets are transported to specialized recycling centers who in turn sell the newly recycled plastic pellets to companies who use the recycled materials and turn them into new products.


One of those materials is Econyl fabric, which Grundens uses in its Net Sourced line of products such as the Women’s Circe Capri (add link to product) During their 10-day trial period in Naknek, Net Your Problem was able to collect, clean, and bale more than 5,000 pounds of gillnet, equal to 12,500 pairs of Grundens Circe Capri.


“This year, 72 million sockeye salmon were forecasted to return to the 5 main fishing districts – Nushagak, Egegik, Ugashik, Naknek-Kvichak and Togiak – giving fishermen the opportunity to harvest a record setting number of fish,” says Nicole Baker, founder of Net Your Problem. “With 50% of all wild Sockeye salmon caught in Bristol Bay, this means tons of old fishing nets will need to be discarded. Net Your Problem is up for the challenge.”


Starting in 2020, Grundéns began working with Net Your Problem, supporting a safe and viable solution for the growing problem of fishing nets being disposed after a season or two of use. In addition to this partnership, Grundéns is pushing forward with its own changes including using compostable packaging in place of poly bags and creating a line of products using the Econyl fabric, made in part of old fishing nets.


“Here at Grundéns, we want to support commercial fisherman in responsibly disposing of their used fishing nets,” said Ash Williams, VP of marketing at Grundéns. “Net Your Problem is making positive, direct impact on a complicated issue and one that is integral to helping protect and maintain sustainable fisheries. We are proud to support their recycling efforts and are inspired to continue building products from recycled materials.”


This spring Grundéns released additional products in their Net Sourced line of products, made from Econyl. The line includes the Sidereal Pants, Sidereal Boardshorts, and Women’s Sidereal Board Shorts.


Learn More about Net Your Problem here-



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