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Checkpoint Tracker Welcomes Adventure Racing Legend Ian Adamson

May 12, 2010

Media Contact

Paul Angell
Checkpoint Zero, LLC

Greenville, SC

Checkpoint Zero, LLC announced today that Ian Adamson, the winningest adventure racer in the history of the sport, will be working with the company on it’s long term strategy for the Checkpoint Tracker Adventure Racing Series and with production of the Checkpoint Tracker National Championship which is set for October 29th at an as yet unannounced venue in the Rocky Mountain Region.

“To say that we’re excited to have Ian on board would be to understatement the obvious”, said Paul Angell, President of Checkpoint Zero, LLC. “Ian’s adventure racing experience and event production expertise are unrivaled. His involvement will help ensure that Checkpoint Tracker reaches it’s potential to reshape the landscape of competitive adventure racing in the US and beyond.”

In addition to providing Checkpoint Zero with his insights about how best to leverage Checkpoint Tracker’s dramatic growth since the 2009 season (86 events in 2010 vs 23 in 2009), Ian will be contributing a monthly blog post on a wide range of adventure racing topics. He will also attend the Checkpoint Tracker National Championship where he will address competitors at the Pre-Race Briefing and Awards Ceremony and deliver two seminars for attendees, one on event production for adventure racing promoters and another for adventure racers on “natural running”.

“Checkpoint Tracker is an exciting development in the evolution of competitive adventure racing”, commented Ian. “I think it offers a remarkable opportunity to introduce adventure racing to a wider audience. I’m very happy to have been asked to be a part of it and I’m eager to get started.”

About Checkpoint Zero

Checkpoint Zero is an adventure racing focused sports marketing company based in Greenville, SC. The company operates the popular adventure news website and produces Checkpoint Tracker (, the largest national competitive adventure racing series in the United States.

About Ian Adamson

Ian Adamson is a 7x World Champion, 3x Guinness World Record holder for endurance kayaking (262 miles in 24 hours) and Director of Research & Education at Newton Running. You can read more about Ian and his remarkable career at