Mario Molina

In the last two years, the outdoor industry underwent a political awakening. Stirred by the fight for public lands and emboldened by a strong and growing outdoor recreation economy, now included in the U.S. GDP, the industry discovered it has a voice and meaningful influence. While the industry feels similar urgency in addressing climate change as it does in protecting our public lands, outdoor brands have been challenged in how to turn that urgency into action. They are concerned about shorter winters, fires and mudslides, but they lack tools to make it a priority in their business plans or communication strategies.

Protect Our Winters and OIA believe that when it comes to climate change, complacency is not an option. Living in a carbon-based society, it is impossible to be perfect — but the worst thing we can do is nothing. This session will provide a narrative and suggest a message structure for those seeking to shape a position for their brand’s on climate change and how to learn from the outdoor industry’s success in advocating for our public lands.