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WORKSHOP: What’s the Higg Index and what can it do for my business, products and supply chain?

August 2, 2016, 1:00 pm
Marriott Downtown at City Creek, Salt Lake City, UT

For the past several years, the outdoor industry has taken a lead role in collaborating to develop an industry-wide, common standard for companies to measure and communicate environmental and social performance. In this FREE workshop you will learn the basics on how to get started with the Higg Index. No matter the size of your company or employee hours available to dedicate to sustainable business, we’ve created a scalable method that is open and accessible to all.

By converging around this shared method we can reduce “audit fatigue,” cut waste and cost associated with multiple competing and inconsistent standards, and provide consistent, reliable data to each other and ultimately, consumers. To support industry-wide use of the tool, OIA is offering its members a free trial of the Higg Index now through March 2017, as well as a step-by-step program to guide implementation. This workshop will equip you to use the Higg Index suite of tools to accelerate positive impact.

Target: You will leave this session with a sense of urgency, enthusiasm and clarity on how you can use the Higg Index NOW to drive change within your company and supply chain, and advance our shared vision for a sustainable outdoor industry.


  • Our vision: Why the outdoor industry is poised for global sustainability leadership
    • Opening remarks
    • Your role in transforming your company – and our industry
  • The path: How the Higg Index will help get us there
    • But first, a brief history …
    • Review the outdoor industry’s 2016-17 Higg Index adoption goals + progress
    • Why Higg, and why now?
    • Explore the Higg Index suite of tools: Learn what the Brand, Facility and (future) Product Modules measure and how
    • Examine how the Higg Index creates value: Panel and table discussion with your outdoor industry peers
  • Your challenge: Take action now to make a difference within your company
    • Take advantage of this opportunity to get 1:1 support on the Higg Index Brand Module! You will develop a data collection plan you can take back to your company to jump start your assessment.