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Power Up Your Product Development with “One Single Source of Truth”

June 19, 2019, 12:00 pm
Hyatt Regency Denver at Colorado Convention Center

PRESENTERS: Walter M Wilhelm; Safariland

DESCRIPTION: Struggling to keep up with growth and increased complexity while feeling limited by spreadsheets and outdated systems? Do your teams waste valuable time chasing information rather than focusing on making great products?

Learn how modern and mobile PLM illuminates product development obstacles and clears a path for growth! All outdoor companies today need Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) solutions to improve collaboration, reduce errors and costs, increase supply chain visibility and streamline operations to tame product development complexity.

Join Centric’s PLM Lunch & Learn session and hear outdoor brands and retailers share their journey from spreadsheet madness to increased visibility that delivers real-time results. #LightBulbMoment