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Filling the Void: Taking on Global Warming When Our Country Isn’t

January 24, 2018, 10:15 am
Hyatt Regency - Capitol Ballroom

PRESENTERS: Amy Roberts, Outdoor Industry Association; Mario Molina, Protect Our Winters; Chris Steinkamp, Snowsports Industries America; Jenn Vervier, New Belgium Brewing; Valerie Bone, Pacific Market International;
MODERATOR: Chris Davenport

It is 2018, governments from around the world have come together to address a challenge that threatens the future of their communities and economies: climate change. All except one, the United States.

To fill the void, American corporations, businesses, and state and local governments are taking action to address this threat. From internal mitigation efforts such as supply chain management and business practices to advocacy at the federal, state and local levels, they are working across political lines to address the threat.

Join us to learn about how climate change impacts the industry, what companies are doing to fight global warming through mitigation and advocacy and learn about a menu of options and resources to help you take action today.