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Captivating & Marketing to the Millennial Customer

January 27, 2018, 1:30 pm
The Camp (Booth 56117-UL)

PRESENTER: Andrew Higgins

Millennials, with their vast purchasing power and social media influence, have caused seismic shifts in the way marketers engage with their audiences.  This group communicates, learns, socializes, and shops through ever evolving digital pathways and technologies thanks to the proliferation of social media. They are desensitized to traditional advertising, which means that typical display ads, and advertising through print, TV and radio are no longer effective at cutting through clutter. Because millennial shoppers are more digitally savvy, brands must follow suit and build relevance, authenticity and community using all of the digital and social tools at their disposal. Brands must recognize and facilitate a two-way dialogue with their shoppers, using personalized messaging, and content that authentically showcases their customers’ brand interactions.  Those brands that seek to understand millennial shopping behaviors, embrace the storytelling power of their consumers, and that harness the power of customer-created content are going to win.