California Proposition 68, Parks, Environment, and Water Bond


Proposition 68, officially the California Drought, Water, Parks, Climate, Coastal Protection, and Outdoor Access for All Act of 2018, is a $4.1 billion bond that will appear on voters’ June 5 ballot statewide. Proposition 68 will expand access and infrastructure in state and local park systems, provide funding for habitat restoration and water sustainability, and invest in natural disaster protection projects.


The unprecedented investment in state recreation and conservation will become a standard for other states to replicate. It’s time for the entire recreation community to mobilize and support the bill.


Endorsing Prop. 68 will allow you to stay informed and up to date on how you can help the campaign, as well as demonstrate that you and your business are serious about safe water and safe parks in California.


Voting “yes” on Proposition 68 is a show of support for equitable access to parks, sustainable water supplies and drinking water quality in California. It is a commitment to climate resiliency as well as an investment in the future of California’s natural spaces and the health of Californians. This June, vote the outdoors, vote for our parks, vote “yes” on Prop 68.

1. Funds to improve existing state parks 2. Funds for clean and safe drinking water 3. Funds for regional water sustainability 4. Funds for innovative farm practices to improve climate resilience 5. Investment in California’s $92 billion outdoor recreation economy

1. Funds to create safe parks in park-poor locations 2. Funds for rural recreation, tourism & economic enrichment grant programs 3. Funds for stream restoration and coastal protection 4. Funding for ground water clean-up and natural disaster preparedness projects 5. The chance to raise the bar for how a state can support parks, water and climate protection work 6. The chance to lead the nation in support for parks equity, water protection and climate resiliency

1. Endorse the campaign 2. Tell your friends, family and coworkers 3. Spread the word on social 4. Write a letter to the editor (we can help!) 5. Vote on June 5

Share, Advocate and Inspire

Prop 68 Social Media Toolkit

Get out there and spread the love on your social media.   Key hashtags to include:
  • #Yeson68
  • #VoteTheOutdoors
Suggested posts:
  • This June, #VoteTheOutdoors in California. Vote for clean water, vote yes on Prop 68. Learn more: #Yeson68
  • What do CA residents have in common with our state’s beaches, mountains and forests? We all need clean, reliable water–that’s why I’m voting #Yeson68. Learn more: #VoteTheOutdoors
  • California’s beaches, mountains and forests all have one need in common: clean, reliable water. Prop 68 cleans up our drinking water supply and protects it by improving our streams and rivers. Learn why you too should vote #Yeson68: #VoteTheOutdoors
  • Why vote #Yeson68? Proposition 68 is a $4.1 billion parks, water and climate protection bond in California. Learn more about how it unites CA parks, water and natural resources: #VoteTheOutdoors
  • Our CA local parks should be safe, clean places where children and families can go to enjoy the outdoors. I’m voting #Yeson68 to improve the safety of neighborhood parks and will ensure every community has access to quality parks: #VoteTheOutdoors

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