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Sonoma’s Revelshine Launches Just in Time for Summer Adventures

June 13, 2023

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SONOMA, CA (June 13, 2023) —Revelshine announces the launch of its brand, a wine catering to outdoor enthusiasts who hold sustainability as a core value. With a renewed commitment to preserving nature and delivering exceptional wine, Revelshine is poised to capture the hearts and palates of adventure seekers and eco-conscious consumers alike by offering high-quality wines at an approachable price.

Revelshine was founded by Jake Bilbro, a fourth-generation Sonoma County winemaker, and co-founded by some of the most renowned outdoor athletes and musicians in the world such as Jeremy Jones, Emily Harrington, Shane Dorian, Selema Masekela, and Donavon Frankenreiter to name a few.  Revelshine is a reflection of Jake’s family roots and life values. He not only learned the finer points of the winemaking lifestyle, but also the benefits of living a life outside, from his best friend — his dad.

“Winemaking is in my blood. The outdoors is in my bones. It’s time to take wine to new places and create new traditions beyond the boundaries of the dinner table,” Bilbro says. “I created Revelshine because I wanted to make great wine, package it in a sustainable and unique way to traditional winemaking, and make it available to a broader group of people to take on adventures and commemorate special moments.”

Recognizing that the wine industry can do better when it comes to sustainability, without any concessions to taste or mouthfeel, Revelshine has taken the initiative to lead the industry forward. With up to 70% of wine’s carbon footprint coming from the glass bottle, and the vast majority of wine being consumed within 24 hours of purchase, aging wines have become less and less of a focus amongst consumers. As such, the traditional glass bottle and cork are not needed.

With sustainability at the forefront, Revelshine has implemented several key initiatives to minimize its ecological footprint and help move the industry forward. These include:

  • Sourcing Grapes Responsibly: Revelshine partners with vineyards that prioritize sustainable farming practices, such as organic or biodynamic cultivation methods. By ensuring that their grapes are grown with minimal impact on the environment, Revelshine is committed to preserving the delicate balance of nature.


  • Environmentally Friendly Packaging: The brand has transitioned to eco-friendly packaging solutions, including lightweight bottles made from infinitely recyclable materials, and are 15 times lighter than glass. This not only reduces waste, but also decreases the carbon emissions associated with production and transportation.


  • Carbon Neutral Operations: Revelshine is taking significant strides toward achieving carbon neutrality throughout its production and distribution processes. The company has implemented energy-efficient practices, and is actively partnering with organizations dedicated to carbon offset initiatives.

Revelshine’s goal is to move the wine industry from glass to infinitely recyclable aluminum for the vast majority of wine drinkers who are looking to drink their wine within 1.5-2 years of purchase. The brand has diligently worked toward eliminating not just single-use waste, but also the decision guesswork that often comes with choosing quality wine.

Varieties include:

Rosé | California | Grenache-based blend

Revelshine thinks of rosé as the most versatile of wines: shared with friends at the beach, on a mountaintop, or wherever the compass leads; flavors and aromas of strawberry, grapefruit, fresh herbs, and clean ocean spray.

White | California | Chardonnay-based blend

This chardonnay-based blend is made in a fresh and bright style to add refreshment to adventures across trails of all sorts or just across the backyard; flavors and aromas of green apple, lemon, and mountain meadows.

Red | California | Zinfandel-based blend

Revelshine’s red has both bright red tones for an afternoon picnic on a backcountry trail and deeper tones for sitting next to a campfire at night. This zinfandel-based blend has flavors and aromas of red cherry, blackberry, peppery spice, and the woods at night.

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About Revelshine

No boundaries. No waste. Revelshine is inspired by the outdoors and is made to go where glass can’t. Created by Jake Bilbro, a fourth-generation Sonoma County winemaker, it was created to take high-quality wine off of the dining table and into the wild using infinitely recyclable, unbreakable aluminum bottles. With a strong commitment to sustainability, Revelshine sources responsibly, adopts eco-friendly packaging, and strives for carbon neutrality. Revelshine is available in rosé, white, and red. Through their thoughtfully curated wine portfolio, Revelshine captures the spirit of adventure and the love for the great outdoors.