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Seamless innovations with wool: The Woolmark Company launches first partnership course with Santoni and Studio Eva x Carola

January 30, 2023

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James Edwards, CGPR

United States

The Woolmark Company’s first partnership course for premier wool education platform, The Woolmark Learning Centre
The latest course showcases revolutionary techniques for seamless wool garments and accessories

• Free online to all users to provide greater knowledge in the textile supply chain • Accredited independently by Credly

The Woolmark Company’s wool education platform, The Woolmark Learning Centre, ushers in the Seamless Knitting – Santoni Technology course, its first partnered course in its suite of free online learning in collaboration with knitwear technology manufacturer, Santoni, and designer Studio Eva x Carola.

This latest course explores the revolution in the world of textile machinery for those looking to delve into the ever-increasing opportunities to integrate fashion and function with no sewing, minimal seams and Merino wool. For designers, students, educators and textile industry members alike, the latest course explores how to create garments with greater structure diversity, ultra-comfort and minimised fabric waste.

Aimed at new textile industry arrivals through to seasoned creators, the Seamless Knitting – Santoni Technology course highlights the unique capabilities of seamless knitting with Merino wool, featuring expertise from both Santoni and Studio Eva x Carola. Some key highlights that will be learned during the course include:

  • How to recognise Seamless Knitwear

  • How to select appropriate technology and yarn to create desired seamless garments

  • Explore seamless technology related to apparel and accessory development

  • Discover apparel innovation with wool

  • Learn and review Wool Innovation Collaborations with The Woolmark Company and Studio Eva x


    Alongside the technical understanding of seamless knitting, the Seamless Knitting – Santoni Technology course provides fundamental knowledge for designers to harness the unique benefits of Merino wool for seamless creations.

    “Encouraging designers to embrace Merino wool for product innovation is at the heart of the Seamless Knitting – Santoni Technology. Merino wool offers unique natural attributes that makes it an ideal fibre choice for seamless applications. It’s an opportunity for product innovation that we encourage through our partnership with Santoni and Studio Eva x Carola in addition to our existing wool education,” says Julie Davies, The Woolmark Company’s General Manager for Education and Innovation.

    From next-to-skin intimate apparel and athleisure to highly technical performance and compression garments for sport or medical applications, seamless knitting with Merino wool opens ongoing possibilities for product innovation with minimal-waste, allowing designers to embrace Merino wool as a high-value fibre in a wider range of applications than ever before.

    “Today, we are speeding up the evolution from traditional manufacturing to ecosystem steering,” says Jasmine Zhao, Santoni Shanghai Group Marketing Director. “We believe we will empower the entire industry with seamless innovations and strong ecosystem functioning. Collaborating with The Woolmark Company and Studio Eva x Carola has profound significance for us.”

    Successful completion of the Seamless Knitting – Santoni Technology course results in accreditation by international issuer and moderator of digital badges, Credly, where users can elect to share their badge on their digital portfolio.

    The Seamless Knitting – Santoni Technology course is available for free and online on The Woolmark Learning Centre from January 30th.

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