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Renowned surfers John and Nathan Florence join the Lift Foils team to expand the sport of surf foiling

June 18, 2024

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Max Akselrad

Aguadilla, Puerto Rico (June 18, 2024)Lift Foils – creators, innovators, and developers of eFoils, surf foils, and foiling equipment – announces today the signing of John and Nathan Florence to the Lift Foils team, in conjunction with the launch of the new Florence Collection by Lift. A groundbreaking collaboration, the well known and highly regarded professional surfers look to work with Lift Foils to highlight the ways in which surf foiling is a complementary and essential tool for watermen and women seeking to deepen their connection to the ocean, remove themselves from crowded surf lineups, and allow surfers to still enjoy and explore on open water when surf conditions are less than ideal.

The Florence brothers are renowned for their surfing achievements, deep appreciation of the ocean and as avid stewards for ocean conservation and protection. Together, they bring an authentic and passionate perspective to surf foiling. Through this collaboration, John and Nathan will share their stories and experiences, showcasing how foiling can expand the horizons of any surfer’s journey. Downwind foiling, with its unique blend of innovation and opportunity for exploration, offers new ways to engage with the water, making it a valuable addition to the quiver of any ocean lover.

“I’ve grown up around the ocean, spending almost every day of my life enjoying it, whether it’s surfing, bodysurfing, or sailing,” said John Florence. “In the last few years, downwind foiling has become a big part of that – being able to ride waves miles offshore and essentially go as long as you want is a dream. Partnering with Lift allows me to dive deeper into that world, and is an exciting opportunity to help design and hopefully inspire people to enjoy the ocean in a different way.”

“Foiling has expanded my range of activities in the water, and gives an experience on the water that’s free from crowds or on days with just a little wind or tiny swell,” said Nathan Florence. “Foiling feels like flying, with rides lasting 20-30 minutes or longer. Some of our first foiling experiences were with Lift, and we’re thrilled to officially partner with a brand that aligns with our passion for deep water exploration.”

On the product side, the collaboration between Lift Foils and the Florence brothers focused on the development of two front wings and a back wing to feed the soul of downwind exploration. The Florence 110 X is based on the DNA of the thoroughbred 110 High Aspect X, but with a side of user friendliness rarely seen in wings of this size and aspect ratio. The increased camber enhances low-end useability while the high modulus carbon construction gives the rider precision control. Meanwhile, the Florence 130 X is tuned to perform as John and Nathan’s downwind daily driver. The 130 X has the top and low end needed to enjoy downwind runs in all conditions with speed and style. Finally, the Florence 21 X is the ultra high-performance downwind tail, with the medium length fuselage providing just enough stability, while the low angle of incidence provides limitless glide to connect bumps.

“As athletes, John and Nathan Florence accomplish the unimaginable which is always exciting to watch and experience. But above all, we value their humble nature and tremendous character,” said Nick Leason, founder of Lift Foils. ”There is no doubt that the sport of foiling will rise to new levels of excellence under their leadership, and we consider it a great honor and we’re extremely excited to collaborate with the Florence brothers.”

To hear more from John and Nathan as they discuss their journey with downwind foiling and the development of the Florence Collection with Lift Foils, please visit Lift Foils’ YouTube page.

The new Florence Collection of wings is available now direct from Lift Foils by visiting, or through Lift Foils retailers. For more information about Lift Foils, its products, and initiatives, visit

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