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PHANTOM Glide Expands North American Sales Team

September 14, 2023

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Ryan Silven 970-924-0704 ext. 2114

SALT LAKE CITY (Sept. 14, 2023) — PHANTOM Glide, the permanent, single-application base treatment for skis and snowboards, has expanded its sales team to include national sales and tech rep, Justin Greenbaum. Greenbaum, who brings both sales and tuning experience to the team, will focus on expanding PHANTOM Glide into new markets and growing partnerships across the ski and snowboard industry.

PHANTOM Glide is a patent-pending polymer technology that uses microscopic short-chain compounds to penetrate and diffuse into the unstructured sections of ski and snowboard bases. After just one application, PHANTOM Glide provides increased glide for the lifetime of the ski and possesses no environmental harm.

“Ski resorts everywhere have been waking up to the fact that traditional fluorinated wax has been adding untold amounts of forever chemicals to precious watersheds for decades and there is a huge appetite for a better way to do things,” says Shaun Spacht, product and sales manager at PHANTOM Glide. “PHANTOM Glide provides that way forward with regards to sustainability and ease-of-use and we’re seeing consumers embrace the change.”

Currently, PHANTOM Glide base treatment is sold at over 150 locations worldwide, including dealers in Korea, Japan, Australia and New Zealand in addition to North America. PHANTOM Glide has also strengthened its distributor relationships in Europe by working with ET-Marketing, Ellis Brigham, Roxee, Ultimate Nordic, and Outback97 to ensure top tier service and product availability throughout the region. PHANTOM Glide’s popularity has grown with both individual consumers and ski areas that are using the treatment more widely on large fleets of rental skis. For instance, Aspen Skiing Company has partnered with PHANTOM Glide since 2018 to use the treatment on its high-end rental fleet of skis as part of the company’s commitment to removing forever chemicals from the local Roaring Fork River watershed.

“We’ve seen a groundswell of momentum for the PHANTOM Glide brand, which we always knew was possible given the unique and revolutionary product that it is,” says Spacht. “To capitalize on that momentum, we’ve invested in the PHANTOM Glide sales team by bringing on Justin so that we can expand distribution and bring even more consumers along with us on our journey towards better performing and more sustainable ski and snowboard bases.”

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About PHANTOM Glide: 

Developed by a team of expert chemists and material science engineers, PHANTOM Glide’s patent-pending formula creates a hydrophobic environment that offers three undeniable benefits. First, unlike topical wax, PHANTOM Glide is only applied once and permanently alters the chemistry of ski and board bases to improve baseline glide for the life of the product. Second, PHANTOM Glide offers consistently fast on-snow gliding performance across a broad range of conditions and temperatures. Third, and most importantly, PHANTOM Glide is made up of non-reactive chemical functional groups that are both inert to the environment and safe to those applying it. For more on PHANTOM Glide visit