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Outdoor Industry Association (OIA) partners with Sendline and Windrose to offer a unique leadership development program for the outdoor industry.

April 8, 2021

Media Contact

Brehan McDonough, Director of Member Engagement, Outdoor Industry Association
Thom Schroeder, Founder, Sendline 
Greer Van Dyck, Founder, Windrose

Outdoor Industry Association (OIA) partners with Sendline and Windrose to offer a unique leadership development program for the outdoor industry. The Leadership Lab is a professional development program bringing together the convenience of virtual with the connections of meeting in-person.

As Outdoor Industry Association (OIA) Future Leadership Academy alums, we’ve experienced firsthand the gifts that come with industry-relevant professional learning,” says Thom Schroeder, Founder of Sendline, the outdoor industry’s up-and-coming go-to for professional development programming. That’s why, together with Greer Van Dyck from Windrose, we’ve partnered with OIA and designed The Leadership Lab.” It’s a curated and interactive program that puts a twist on leadership growth. “Our topics are what’s important to the folks who show up. We meet them where they’re at, both in their careers and where they live. Oh, and we have a good time doing what we do.

Leadership development bumps up against a very low ceiling when you’re in ‘listen-only’ mode,” says Greer Van Dyck, Founder of Windrose Coaching. “The thing is, without building meaningful relationships based on trust and respect, leadership development doesn’t work. We want individuals to walk away with more than a set of notes. We want them to walk away with lifelong connections and tangible tools that can empower them to integrate what they’ve learned and step into the leaders they want to be.

That’s why we went about designing this differently.

In order to foster connection and peer learning, The Leadership Lab monthly virtual workshops will be limited to 12 individuals and grouped together based on geographic region. There will be as many groups as needed to meet demand. By scaling with lots of small groups rather than one big group and hosting the workshops regionally, folks can meet for coffee or take some turns together. During the six-month program, participants will become part of a community of industry peers and make lifelong connections to propel them in their careers.

Brehan McDonough, Director of Member Engagement with OIA, states, “Ongoing professional development is key to the success of thriving people and thriving business. OIA and The Leadership Lab identified an opportunity for outdoor, non-traditional, sophisticated leadership training, which can fill the gap that exists around emotional leadership intelligence and create an intimate support system. We hope to build a stronger and more diverse outdoor industry leadership pipeline.”


Outdoor Industry Association

Based in Boulder, Colorado, with offices in Washington, D.C., Outdoor Industry Association (OIA) is the leading trade association for the outdoor industry and the title sponsor of Outdoor Retailer. OIA unites and serves 1300 manufacturer, supplier, sales representative and retailer members through its focus on trade and recreation policy, sustainable business innovation and outdoor participation. For more information, visit


Sendline came from a dissatisfaction with the status quo in professional development. No one looks forward to a management conference. So we had to go about things differently. As mid-career professionals, we asked ourselves what would actually be helpful and get us excited to be a part of? We designed a low-polish, straightforward, and genuine alternative to leadership training for the outdoor industry centered around workshops, retreats, and outdoor events. We call it, simply, ”Leadership in disguise.” For more information, visit


A Windrose, also known as a Compass Rose, is the part of the compass responsible for directing true north. At the most simplistic level, that represents much of the work I do supporting teams and organizations: aligning on purpose, building unified teams, establishing clear and open communication, collaborating through conflict, and prioritizing peer accountability. I feel passionately that when organizations can be in authentic unison and action on their true north, they have the greatest chance for success. For more information, visit