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Outdoor Eats and Darby Communications: A Perfect Recipe for Success

March 6, 2023

Media Contact

Katie Richter
Darby Communications
828.254.0914 o / 716.572.3467 c

Seattle, WA

Outdoor Eats, the ultimate camp cooking resource founded by classically trained Chef Corso proudly announces its partnership with Darby Communications, an Asheville-based PR and marketing agency specializing in outdoors, active lifestyle, fishing, and food and beverage markets. Effective immediately, Darby Communications will serve as Outdoor Eats’ agency of record, working closely with Chef Corso to share the mission of elevated meals outdoors by promoting a collection of trail-ready cookbooks, online recipes, an upcoming TV series, and sourcing opportunities for brand partnerships and events.

“When I originally connected with Darby Communications regarding a brand partnership with one of their existing clients, I became curious about how public relations could help to expand awareness of Outdoor Eats,” said Chef Corso, Founder of Outdoor Eats. “2023 is shaping up to be an important year for Outdoor Eats, and I’m thrilled to have Darby Communications as an extension of my marketing team.” 

Originally from the Pacific Northwest, Chef Corso is a classically trained chef with over 20 years of restaurant and food development experience. While backpacking in North Cascades National Park, Chef Corso was inspired to shake up the status quo of pre-packaged and processed camp food. With both his extensive culinary and food science experience, Chef Corso started developing and testing recipes with the hiker and camper in mind– easy to shop for, easy to pack, mindful of pack weight and volume, easy to make, and unbelievably delicious. All recipes are created by Chef Corso and trail-tested by a member of the Outdoor Eats community to ensure they’re easy, quick, tasty, and nourishing. Adventurers can choose between over 275 recipes, customized meal plans, or trail-ready cookbooks to create meals that will get you excited about your camp meals. All recipes are 10 ingredients or less,  ready in 30 minutes or less, require no dehydrating, and work with dietary restrictions.

Darby Communications will work to expand the Outdoor Eats community by promoting Chef Corso’s trail-ready cookbooks, his growing YouTube channel, an upcoming TV series produced by Heliconia TV, and by seeking opportunities for interviews, brand partnerships, and events. 

“Here at Darby, we appreciate good food just as much as a good day outdoors, and there’s no reason the two shouldn’t go together,” says Darby Communications Media Relations Director, Suzanne Hermann. “We love Chef Corso’s mission to make elevated outdoor meals that are approachable and healthy alternatives to traditional dehydrated camp meals. We’re thrilled to help Chef Corso grow the Outdoor Eats community and empower adventurers to improve their backcountry cooking skills.”

For more information on Outdoor Eats or to connect with Chef Corso, contact Katie Richter at

About Outdoor Eats

Founded by classically trained Chef Corso, Outdoor Eats is a backcountry culinary resource for the outdoor adventurer. With over 20 years of restaurant and food research experience, Chef Corso has developed and tested over 200 trail-ready recipes for backpackers and campers looking to ditch pre-packaged, processed, and dehydrated meals. From pocket-sized cookbooks, customizable meal plans, community workshops, a successful YouTube channel, and an upcoming TV series, Outdoor Eats gives outdoors people the tools necessary to create easy to pack, easy to make, and above all, tasty recipes in the backcountry. Trading fine dining rooms for mountain vistas, Chef Corso is changing what it means to be a chef. Learn more at, follow on Instagram @outdooreats365, or subscribe on YouTube. 

About Darby Communications

Darby Communications is a boutique PR & digital marketing agency serving the outdoor, active lifestyle, fishing, and craft food and beverage industries through impactful media placement, digital advertising, email marketing, social media management, and content writing. Headquartered in Asheville, NC with a coast-to-coast portfolio, Darby Communications takes a team approach to everything it does for clients and has worked with many respected companies. Learn more at or follow on social @darbycomm.