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Norco Is Bringing It Home with Bosch for a Complete Full-Power E-MTB Lineup

April 9, 2024

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April 9, 2024 – PORT COQUITLAM, BC.  – When it looked like the roster was complete, Norco announced two more models to round out the stable in a powerful way. Design and technology come together for a cohesive full-power lineup consisting of three Range VLTs and one Sight VLT, catering to the rider’s preference in frame material, spec, or travel.

Both the Range VLT and Sight VLT are powered by the Bosch Performance Line CX Smart System and a Bosch 750wh battery. The Bosch ebike Flow App, custom for Norco, connects to the drive unit, battery, display, and control unit to help you determine the rider’s optimum level of assist and range. Customize each ride mode to the desired preference, torque, speed, dynamic output and assist level.

These 2024 models, designed around Norco’s VPSHP (Virtual Pivot Suspension | High Pivot) suspension layout, increase rearward axle path to improve suspension performance in technical terrain while retaining the dynamic and responsive feel that rider’s expect. Through extensive testing using an i-track configured idler location, anti-squat has been tuned for efficiency and responsive feel under power. The idler mounted to the chainstay manages chain growth and pedal kickback.


Meet the Range VLT, with 180/170 mm of travel, made for rider’s who are into tackling rowdy terrain and then taking it up another notch into absolute beast mode. Whether riding up or down, the all-day battery means you don’t need to pick one trail; you can take them all.

The Range VLT shatters the standard e-MTB mold and is set to get you anywhere and everywhere. The fully integrated Bosch Performance Line CX Smart System is compact in size but high in power. With 85Nm of torque and a 750Wh long-distance battery, the Range VLT is the next level in capability to go the distance and descend with confidence.

“Love this bike. The Range VLT is the ultimate tool for exploration and fun. When I ride it, I look for an entire trail network or zone and often have to tap out before the bike does.”

Norco Team rider, Matt MacDuff absolutely commanded this bike through the wide-open spaces of Virgin, UT – where everything is Rampage.

With 160mm/150mm of travel, this bike is for those who seek diverse technical trails, up and down, with a need for unwavering confidence and an unmatched e-MTB performance. A full-power, all-mountain machine that allows you to dig deeper, commit harder and climb higher than ever.

Dialled kinematics with VPSHP suspension design and dependable Ride Aligned™️ setup guide, offer an unbeatable ride feel that keeps you going through even the toughest terrain. Reactive pedal-efficiency, and stability make your ride feel good wherever you venture.

Norco Team rider and Product Engineer, Kirk McDowall has spent some serious hours with the new Sight VLT – through testing, development and as a training tool for the World Cup season ahead.

“The Sight VLT is fast, fun and maneuverable on the descents, and the Bosch CX system is sick – it keeps me smiling the whole way back up the hill for another lap!”

As a part of the Rider First mentality, Norco has introduced a serious upgrade to the updated Ride Aligned™️ Setup Guide. This update not only covers data for the newest MY24 models, but it will include the entire range of Norco bikes to ensure every rider has the best on-bike experience possible.

Additional information on the new Range VLT and Sight VLT models, as well as the Ride Aligned update, can be found in the Media Kit accompanying this press release.

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About Norco Bicycles

Norco is a global leader in high-performance mountain bikes, known for its commitment to innovation, quality craftsmanship, and the pursuit of trail-blazing excellence. Founded as Northern Cycle Industries in 1964, operating out of a chicken coop, the brand has evolved over the years, but hard work, passion, and commitment to innovation have always been at the forefront. The mountains and trails of British Columbia are hard-wired into the DNA at Norco, and they will always be the ultimate inspiration for the character and performance of every Norco bike.