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Nomadix, A Social Purpose Corporation, Continues Commitment To Climate Neutrality

August 1, 2023

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San Clemente, Calif. – August 1, 2023 – Nomadix, a social purpose corporation and makers of The Only Towel You Need®, made from post-consumer recycled materials, is proud to announce that it has been recertified as Climate Neutral for the second year in a row.

“The textile industry is responsible for 10% of all global carbon emissions. To put into perspective, that is more than all international flights and maritime shipping combined,” said Nomadix Co-founder and CEO, Zack Helminiak. “We believe that all businesses have a great responsibility and should take ownership for their impact on the planet. Through the great work of our team, we recertified Climate Neutral for the second year in a row by offsetting our full 2022 greenhouse gas emissions.”

Nomadix made big strides toward its goal of reducing overall emissions by 2030 through the hard work of its team on the brand’s Roadmap to Sustainability which was established in 2022. The Nomadix Roadmap to Sustainability includes six action items for change: reduce air freight shipping emissions by 50% in the next two years, transition to at least 50% renewable energy at Nomadix HQ office/warehouse, remove 100% of virgin plastic from production, transition from 2-day air to ground shipping across all D2C shipments, switch 3PL warehouse equipment from LPG to electric, and expand end-of-life solutions for its products.

“Reaching climate neutrality means we’re removing greenhouse gasses from the atmosphere at the same rate that we’re emitting them,” said Mia Helminiak, director of community engagement for Nomadix. “We offset 100% of our emissions with the help of our partner organization, Bonneville Environmental Foundation (BEF), to support removing emissions from the environment as well as avoiding emissions from energy and industry. However, offsetting is a temporary fix, which is why we’re committed to further action toward positive environmental change. With the Nomadix Roadmap to Sustainability and a bold list of commitments, we plan to cut our emissions in half by 2030. Next steps? Holding ourselves accountable for our impact.”

In 2022, Nomadix partnered with the following organizations for offset projects: Envira Amazonia, Gansu Wind Project, Promise The Pod, West Coast Tree Planting, and Tribal Renewable Energy Fund.


California-based Nomadix launched in 2015 with The Only Towel You Need® – a multi-purpose towel that performs for any activity, including travel, yoga, boating, and at the beach. Nomadix understands that the environmental footprint of the products people buy will have an impact on the planet that lasts longer than we will. A commitment to discovering durable, multi-purpose, responsibly manufactured solutions that will leave the planet better than we found it is part of its ethos – Own less. Do more. Nomadix is a member of 1% for The Planet and is Climate Neutral Certified. Today, Nomadix is carried in major retailers in the United States, including REI, West Marine and Boardriders, and is distributed in 31 countries around the world. Visit for more information.