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New Outdoor Research Deviator Collection excels across a range of active sports in cold weather

October 6, 2023

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SEATTLE (Oct. 6, 2023) — Reflecting a brand heritage built on innovation and athlete-led design, Outdoor Research unveils its new Deviator Collection for Fall 2023, a seven-piece line that excels at stop-and-go activities in cold weather — times when warmth is critical for stopping but you also need the ability to shed heat and moisture on the go.

Created by pairing hybrid-materials construction with emerging fabric technologies and athlete feedback, the Deviator line includes tops, bottoms, gloves and mitts that offer high performance for everything from winter running to hiking, fat biking to nordic and backcountry skiing, and snowshoeing to alpinism.

“Our goal was to build a versatile collection for cool and cold temperatures that are the kinds of multi-purpose layers you reach for again and again on your way out the door,” said Charlie Berg, outerwear product manager for Outdoor Research.

Outside Magazine, which reviewed the Deviator Hoodie in its Fall 2023 Buyer’s Guide, said: “Bottom Line: The only jacket you’ll need for high-aerobic activities on 15-degree and warmer winter days.” The Deviator Hoodie also earned an Editors’ Choice Award this Fall from Backcountry Magazine.

The Deviator collection uses a range of new technology, including VerticalX Octa insulation in the hoodie, an open-structure insulator that’s 50 percent lighter than traditional polyester insulation, has an outstanding warmth-to-weight ratio, is superb at wicking moisture, and is soft against the skin. The Deviator Pro Gloves use a new insulating technology called Y-Warm, a fabric that offers warmth similar or even superior to Aerogel, but — because it’s a fabric and flexes easily — can be integrated much more effectively into apparel.

Outdoor Research has been an originator in the “active insulation” category for nearly a decade with pieces like the Ascendant and Uberlayer jackets, and the Deviator collection moves the category forward yet again. The line includes:

Deviator Hoodie — The Deviator Hoodie is a chameleon that retains critical warmth yet breathes and sheds heat when on the move, thanks to VerticalX Octa insulation technology paired with hybrid-mapped fabrics. VerticalX Octa is more effective for active use because it doesn’t require an interior liner fabric and has an open structure, both of which allow it to breathe more effectively, and it pairs well with truly breathable exterior fabrics. It’s 50 percent lighter than traditional polyester insulation, has an outstanding warmth-to-weight ratio, is superb at wicking moisture, and is soft against the skin. A bi-component synthetic insulation, VerticalX Octa is created by pairing an eight-sided, hollow-core polyester fiber in the center surrounded by a loftier polyester. The Deviator uses VerticalX Octa insulation inside the front-of-body panels, shoulders, sleeves and hood. A 20D stretch-woven softshell fabric on the front, shoulders, sleeves and hood provides weather resistance. On the back, side panels and under the arms, the Deviator uses a more breathable polyester/spandex grid fleece. All fabric and insulation materials are bluesign® approved. $229.

                                                         VERTICAL X OCTA INSULATION

Deviator Wind Pants — Pairing perfectly with the Deviator Hoodie for comfort during aerobic activities in cold conditions, the Deviator Wind Pants are tailor-made for activities like cold-weather running, hiking, fat biking, snowshoeing, or nordic skiing, balancing wind protection with breathability. The front of the legs and ankles use a knit fabric that integrates a wind-blocking membrane for weather protection. On the back of the legs, a polyester spandex fabric with a brushed knit interior provides stretch and breathability. $139.

Deviator Pro Gloves, Deviator Gloves/Mitts — The conundrum: lightweight gloves often aren’t warm and weather protective enough, but stepping up to something warmer comes at the expense of dexterity. The solution: the new Outdoor Research Deviator Pro and Deviator Gloves. The Deviator Glove program offers breathability and dexterity more akin to a lightweight glove, harnessing key technologies to add serious warmth. On the back of hand, X-Reflex technology, combines multiple layers of heat reflective material with synthetic insulation, a design that reflects heat from the wearer back into the glove while still allowing for breathability. X-Reflex specializes in warmth without bulk, and is paired with breathable stretch fabrics. The Deviator Pro uses another key technology called Y-Warm, offering warmth that’s similar or even superior to high-performing Aerogel, but — because it’s a fabric and flexes easily — can be integrated much more effectively in gloves. Critically, Y-warm is highly breathable, unlike Aerogel which doesn’t breathe at all, so it allows moisture to escape. The Deviator Pro Gloves use Y-Warm on the palms and palm side of the fingers. The Deviator uses goat leather overlays on the palm, while the warmer Pro version uses a full goat leather palm. Both are touchscreen compatible. The regular Deviator is also available in a mitt version. $119 and $69.

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