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Moultrie Mobile Builds on Its Innovative Heritage to Announce New Products for 2024

January 11, 2024

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BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (Jan. 11, 2024) — Moultrie Mobile, a leader in cellular trail cameras and all-in- one remote monitoring systems, today announced it is expanding its lineup of industry-leading cellular scouting solutions with new products for 2024. The new products include the next generation of the successful EDGE Series cellular trail cameras, a cellular-enabled feeder management system, and purpose-built accessories designed to make Moultrie Mobile products more powerful and convenient.

“We want to continue to reset the standard of performance, convenience, and value for our customers,” said Daniel Wilson, General Manager for Moultrie Mobile. “Hunters and landowners are seeking reliable and easy-to-use solutions for monitoring their properties, and we are striving to provide them with the most advanced products and technologies available. We’ve enhanced several trusted products to improve performance while also introducing all-new solutions for 2024.”

The EDGE 2 ($99.99) expands on the premium performance of the original EDGE camera to offer a more powerful and feature-rich device at an outstanding value. It delivers many of the industry-leading benefits the EDGE Series is known for, including Auto Connect Technology and built-in memory, while introducing an all-new On-Demand feature that enables users to trigger a photo or video within the Moultrie Mobile App and have it available immediately after capture. The EDGE 2 also offers enhanced image quality with 36MP photos and 720p HD video featuring full audio, an expanded 50-foot field of view, a faster 0.4 trigger speed, an advanced low-glow IR LED array for improved night images, and an updated PIR for improved trigger accuracy.

The EDGE 2 PRO ($139.99) advances the brand’s flagship EDGE PRO model with new technology and features that make it the top-of-the-line choice in its category. In addition to carrying over the EDGE PRO’s industry-first False Trigger Elimination Technology that eliminates up to 99% of false triggers, the EDGE 2 PRO is upgraded with GPS, On-Demand, tamper detection, a lightning-fast 0.3 trigger speed, and no-glow flash. Additionally, the EDGE 2 PRO is built with NYXEL® NIR (near infrared) technology for enhanced low-light performance with minimized power consumption, best-in-class 40MP images and 1080P videos with HD sound, a detection range of up to 100 feet, built-in memory, flexible power options, and nationwide coverage with Auto Connect Technology. The EDGE 2 PRO also has the Bluetooth-enabled Live Aim feature for precise camera mounting.

Moultrie Mobile’s FEED HUB ($99.99) offers first-of-its-kind cellular connectivity and control for nearly any game feeder. FEED HUB is a three-part system consisting of a universal Feed Level Detector that can be mounted in the hopper of nearly any spin-cast feeder, a cellular-connected timer that installs in a feeder kit, and the Moultrie Mobile App. FEED HUB allows hunters to convert their existing feeder to cellular and remotely monitor feed and battery levels, run feeders on demand, receive alerts when the feeder is clogged, and set and adjust feed schedules –– all using the Moultrie Mobile App. This provides peace of mind that the feeder is operating as expected, enables remote control for easy adjustments, and helps plan trips to service the feeder more efficiently.

FEED HUB KIT ($149.99) combines the FEED HUB with Moultrie’s top-selling Pro Hunter II Kit for an all- in-one cellular feeder kit. This total package comes equipped with a Feed Level Detector, Feed Hub Cellular Timer pre-installed into the Moultrie Pro Hunter II feeder kit, along with a Quick-Lock adapter for custom feeder assemblies. With this kit, users can now conveniently monitor feed and battery levels remotely, operate feeders on demand, and adjust feed times using the Moultrie Mobile App.

For land managers who are only interested in monitoring feed levels in gravity or spin-cast feeders, the FEED LEVEL DETECTOR ($59.99) can be mounted in any feed hopper. This device sends feed level updates to the Moultrie Mobile App so that you can plan maintenance trips to your feeder more efficiently.

Moultrie Mobile is releasing an updated 3.4W SOLAR BATTERY PACK ($59.99) and a 10W SOLAR BATTERY PACK ($99.99) to offer customers durable and dependable power options for all major brands of trail cameras at an attractive price point. These powerful packs provide considerably more power than standard solar panels and include built-in rechargeable battery packs that store enough power to keep devices working during weeks of cloud cover, ensuring equipment is always running properly. Both solar battery packs are compatible with standard 12v camera barrel jacks as well as USB-C for charging Moultrie Mobile’s rechargeable battery packs as well as other consumer electronics devices like smart phones.

Customers looking for a reliable power source for EDGE Series cameras while saving money and waste have the choice of two new rechargeable battery packs – the RECHARGEABLE LITHIUM BATTERY ($49.99) and the RECHARGEABLE LITHIUM BATTERY MAX ($99.99 MSRP). Designed to provide maximum power storage and efficiency for better performance than AA batteries, these rechargeable lithium-ion batteries eliminate the need for expensive AA batteries. Customers can choose between the RECHARGEABLE LITHIUM BATTERY at a great price, or they can upgrade to the RECHARGEABLE LITHIUM BATTERY MAX for double the energy capacity.

Additional Moultrie Mobile accessories designed for the EDGE Series cameras set to launch in 2024 include an EDGE SERIES CAMERA STAKE ($39.99) that is FLEX MOUNT and ¼”-20 compatible, an EDGE SERIES FLEX MOUNT 2 ($19.99) with upgraded adjustability, and an EDGE SERIES EASY AIM MOUNT ($12.99).

To learn more about Moultrie Mobile, its products, or the Moultrie Mobile App, visit or download and demo the Moultrie Mobile app from the App Store or Google Play for free today.


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