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Moultrie Mobile Adds Jason Matzinger, Sam Soholt, and Lindsey Browne Davis as Brand Ambassadors

September 28, 2023

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BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (Sep. 28, 2023) — Moultrie Mobile, a leading pioneer in cellular trail cameras that also offers an all-in-one remote monitoring app for hunters and property owners, is proud to announce noted outdoor conservation advocates and renowned hunting enthusiasts Jason Matzinger, Sam Soholt and Lindsey Browne Davis as its latest brand ambassadors.

The partnership represents the natural alignment of like-minded innovators and supporters of the hunting and outdoor conservation industries. It also unifies their efforts in enhancing the experience of wildlife enthusiasts in the field while promoting safe and responsible hunting practices.

“Jason, Sam, and Lindsey are prime examples of how avid hunters can respectfully pursue game while also committing themselves to preserving the great outdoors for future generations,” said Daniel Wilson, General Manager for Moultrie Mobile. “Their collective mission and values align closely with our own and we look forward to working together to advance each other’s efforts in serving the outdoor and hunting communities.”

Born and raised in Bozeman, Matzinger was introduced to the challenging terrain and wildlife of Montana’s backcountry as a child and grew eager to share his experiences. He began taking a camera on his adventures and is now the producer and host of the hit television series Into High Country with Jason Matzinger. He’s also produced highly acclaimed conservation-focused films and recently released his latest and highly regarded film, Chasing A Ghost.

Sam Soholt, a passionate conservationist, joins the Moultrie Mobile team bringing his unique perspective and dedication to wildlife preservation. Sam has been a professional photographer and videographer in the hunting industry for more than 10 years and has traveled the world to capture unique stories along the way. He also strongly advocates for public land access and conservation while using his platform and co-owned company Public Land Tees to raise awareness and money for public lands.

Lindsey Browne Davis is a passionate outdoorswoman who connects with nature through gardening, foraging, hunting and fishing. She is a fervent steward of ecosystem health and the well-being of wildlands and wildlife. In addition to her role as a brand ambassador for Moultrie Mobile, she works as the Director of Conservation and Advocacy at SITKA Gear where she actively promotes sustainable practices and conservation initiatives. Davis also serves on the board of directors for the Outdoor Alliance, The Conservation Alliance, and is a founding board member of the Utah Wildlife Federation.

To learn more about Moultrie Mobile, its conservation efforts, or its products, visit or download and demo the Moultrie Mobile app from the App Store or Google Play for free today.

About Moultrie Mobile
Headquartered in Birmingham, Alabama, Moultrie Mobile is a rapidly-scaling software and connected hardware platform used by hunters, property owners, and others for real-time remote monitoring. Moultrie Mobile is a business unit of PRADCO Outdoor Brands. PRADCO’s hunting brands include Moultrie, Whitetail Institute, Texas Hunter, Summit, Knight & Hale and Code Blue. PRADCO Fishing manufactures and markets products for freshwater and saltwater anglers under 20+ brands including Rebel, YUM, Booyah, War Eagle Custom Lures, Lindy and Bomber.