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Morakniv Launches New Line of Hunting Products

June 14, 2023

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Jerrica Deiber

Hunting has become a lifestyle; nowadays, hunters need different types of high-quality knives and tools. Morakniv has developed a comprehensive new line of hunting products in response to this growing interest in hunting.

Derived from Morakniv’s Frost knives – developed for food industry professionals working long days – they are known for their excellent edge retention and safe, ergonomic designs. The new lineup includes five new butcher knives intended for game, a sharpening steel, and a matching knife case, providing the hunter with the right tools for the conditions. We’ve also updated the Morakniv Eldris and Kansbol with hunting-inspired colors.

The products in the new hunting range are sold separately, allowing the hunter to combine products as desired.

The Hunting Curved Boning knife, specially developed for boning, features a flexible blade that boasts excellent precision, while ensuring minimal meat spoilage.

The Hunting Skinning knife, with its stiff, long, curved edge, is ideal for skinning game and can perform even and the most precise cuts with ease.

The Hunting Butcher knife is the perfect all-around knife designed to make trimming a breeze. This knife’s stiff blade has a blunt tip to minimize the risk of
puncturing or damaging the meat and tissues of the game.

Made specifically for boning, the Hunting Straight Boning knife’s stiff and distinctive blade profile enables successful separation of meat from the game.

The Hunting Narrow Boning knife performs multiple tasks with its flexible blade profile, making it suitable as a filet knife for meat preparation and accessing those tight areas during boning.

Now color-matched for hunters, the Eldris is a pocket size fixed blade knife that will amaze users with its versatility. It has a precision blade and ground spine
compatible with a fire starter, and the ergonomic design ensures safe and efficient performance.

Also updated with hunting colors, the ever-reliable Kansbol knife is the ultimate all-round hunting knife, offering users the flexibility of a lightweight knife and the strength of a more robust model. The blade has been profile ground for increased precision and the spine grinding means the blade can be used with a fire starter.

About Morakniv®
Building on more than 400 years of Swedish tradition, Morakniv has produced knives of unparalleled quality for hunters, adventurers, fishermen, farriers, chefs, craftsmen and other skilled trades and hobbyists since 1891. Thoughtfully designed for precision and power, Morakniv products are still produced in their factory in Mora, Sweden. Morakniv is distributed in the U.S. and Canada by Industrial Revolution, a Seattle-based company that manufactures and distributes products enjoyed by outdoor enthusiasts worldwide. For additional information, visit or
Date: June 14, 2023