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Metolius Climbing Roll Up Stick Clip Kit wins coveted Climbing Editor’s Choice award

May 28, 2024

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BEND, Ore. (May 28, 2024) Metolius Climbing, a leading manufacturer and designer of innovative climbing gear, won Climbing Magazine’s prestigious Editor’s Choice award for its new Roll Up Stick Clip Kit. Climbing’s editors put the newest and most innovative climbing hardware through rigorous testing over the course of several months before deciding on their favorites. The Roll Up Stick Clip Kit came out on top, and was lauded for its durability and versatility, amongst other accolades.

The Roll Up Stick Clip Kit is a unique addition to Metolius’ lineup of climbing products, with a revolutionary technology that allows a lightweight, rigid, 3m (9.8’) pole to roll up into a 95mm x 115mm (3.75” x 4.5”) package. It’s the most compact and portable stick clip on the market, making it incredibly easy to travel with despite its long length when unrolled and in use. The full kit weighs 28 oz., and includes:

  • 3m (9.8’) composite stick clip pole with universal end-fitting
  • US painter’s pole thread adaptor – accepts Superclip™ attachment (Standard and Rescue) or a wide variety of brushes, broom heads, etc.
  • ¼-20 camera mount adapter – which allows users to turn their stick clip into a camera extension pole that works with GoPro and other similar camera mounts
  • The Superclip™ – the original and best option for clipping bolts and retrieving carabiners/quickdraws. Works with any non-locking carabiner from the FS Mini, to ovals
  • Carry bag

“Its compact design comes courtesy of a space-age composite material that comes tightly rolled into a cylinder,” said Climbing. “Like a Fruit Roll-Up, it unfurls and refolds into a tube that you can click the end fitting into. I was initially skeptical about durability, but after unrolling and re-rolling it dozens of times and banging the stick around at the crags, it’s remained as solid as day one, with no cracking or deformation…if you’re flying to your climbing destination, there’s no better option than this innovative option from Metolius.”

For more information on the Roll Up Stick Clip Kit and the rest of Metolius’ offerings, please visit

About Metolius

Founded in 1983 near the headwaters of the Metolius River, Metolius equipment was born out of respect for rock climbing. Metolius has since built a solid reputation as a leading designer and manufacturer of performance rock climbing equipment that is Safer by Design. Metolius has always focused on new and innovative rock climbing gear while ensuring the highest quality available. They’ve built a strong reputation as an innovator in the design of cutting-edge rock climbing gear. Metolius is proud to be able to claim innovations in just about every category of rock climbing gear from traditional, sport, bouldering and big wall/technical alpine. Metolius also works to educate others to preserve the environment and the climbing lifestyle. For more information, visit