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Matador x Carryology | Travel with the Trident

June 23, 2023

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BOULDER, Colo. (June 23, 2023) – Matador Travel Equipment, the award-winning producer of high-performance travel equipment, and Carryology, the leading platform dedicated to exploring, inspiring, and celebrating the world of carry, are excited to introduce the Matador x Carryology EDX Series Trident Collection – a revolutionary three-piece travel and everyday carry (EDC) capsule designed to redefine the concept of One Bag Travel.

“Both brands have been excited about the opportunity to work together closely for years now but neither Matador nor Carryology wanted to do a collaboration project for the sake of doing it,” said Chris Clearman, CEO of Matador. “We agreed to wait to do something awesome when it made sense. And this project was it!”

After 16+ months of development, the collaboration introduces a new philosophy called “1.5 Bag Travel.” This approach acknowledges that travelers don’t need to carry their entire travel bag with them at all times, and instead, can use a secondary smaller bag filled with essential EDC items. Matador, known for its packable innovations, partnered with Carryology to create the world’s first EDC-ready line of packable bags.

The EDX Series (“everday cross-over”) features a sling, a small messenger bag and a backpack, all designed to be lightweight, packable and weatherproof. The collection uses customized VX07 fabric from Dimension Polyant, known for its durability and water resistance. To ensure superior weather proofing, Matador and Carryology also developed yet to be released HydraGuard® seam binding technology. The bags incorporate functional organization, magnetic closures, high-quality hardware from YKK, as well as the innovative MAG-HOOK for secure and easy flap closure.

The Matador x Carryology EDX Series, Trident Collection is a result of meticulous design, extensive prototyping and innovative construction techniques. It offers travelers the flexibility to carry only what they need while keeping their gear protected from the elements. With its packability, functionality and weather resistance, the collection aims to revolutionize the way people approach travel and EDC.

The Matador x Carryology EDX Series Trident Collection Sling (MSRP: $100), Messenger (MSRP: $150), and Backpack (MSRP: $175) will be available at 9am MT, June 23rd at See here for a design video, and here for more detail on the design of the collection.



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