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Lectric eBikes Donates More Than 1,000 eBikes

July 10, 2023

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PHOENIX (July 10, 2023) – Lectric eBikes, the industry leading eBike brand and the maker of the country’s best-selling eBike model, has donated more than 1,000 eBikes to individuals in need, via a partnership with Beast Philanthropy. Individuals in need of reliable transportation are encouraged to enter for a chance to win at this link. Since Lectric began working with Beast Philanthropy this past January, the brand has donated over $1 million to support philanthropic projects in several countries.

“Doing good in the world is an integral part of Lectric eBike’s DNA. Partnering with Beast Philanthropy on their philanthropic missions was a natural fit from the beginning, and we’re excited to have expanded our partnership with the recent donation of 1,000 Lectric eBikes,” said Levi Conlow, co-founder and CEO of Lectric. “eBikes can make a significant positive impact on the lives of individuals, especially those who are struggling because to a lack of reliable transportation. We’re proud to support Beast Philanthropy and their philanthropic endeavors.”

The giveaway is part of a recent philanthropic project between Lectric eBikes and Beast Philanthropy, in which Lectric donated cargo eBikes to water delivery workers in Kenya, helping them efficiently deliver clean drinking water. These water delivery people are essential to their communities, where clean drinking water must be delivered from the desalination plants to homes directly. Lectric’s cargo XPedition eBike has helped increase efficiency, carrying capacity and profitability for those individuals and their families. The brand donated a total of 25 eBikes to individuals in Kenya and Haiti as part of the initial project and will expand its efforts by donating another 1,000 eBikes for the Beast Philanthropy to distribute to individuals in need across the United States.

“Our goal at Beast Philanthropy is to help as many people as possible. Lectric eBikes shares the same goal, so working with them on projects is a terrific match,” said Darren Margolias, executive director of Beast Philanthropy. “We’re very excited about this project, as Lectric’s eBikes can provide reliable transportation for individuals to get to work, school, medical treatments and more.”

Beast Philanthropy is a nonprofit that leverages the power of social media platforms to raise funds to make the world a better place through alleviating hunger, homelessness and unemployment. It was established after founder Jimmy Donaldson, MrBeast, received his first YouTube sponsorship deal and was determined to transform the money into something good.

Lectric eBikes has donated over $1 million to help support Beast Philanthropy’s projects since the partnership began in January 2023. Throughout the partnership, Lectric has helped to rebuild Baphumelele Children’s Home in South Africa, provided updated infrastructure and internet to a remote island in Columbia, donated clothes and shoes to thousands of individuals and most recently donated 1,000 eBikes to individuals in need.

Learn more about this project and donation on the Beast Philanthropy YouTube page. To learn more about Lectric eBikes, visit To learn more about Beast Philanthropy, visit For media inquiries related to Lectric eBikes, please contact account manager Corinne Baud at

About Lectric eBikes

Lectric eBikes is one of the fastest growing electric bike companies in the nation, selling nearly 300,000 e-bikes in less than four years. The company is known for its dedication to producing quality products at affordable prices. Its flagship XPTM models are exceptionally designed so that everyone can ride, delivering all the high-quality features of an elite e-bike, offered at an industry-shattering low price.

About Beast Philanthropy

As a 501(c)3 organization, Beast Philanthropy exists to leverage the power of social media platforms and raise funds to alleviate hunger, homelessness, and unemployment. Beast Philanthropy will provide life-changing grants, assistance, and both monetary and non-monetary gifts to individuals and families. With your support, Beast Philanthropy will change the world.