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Kapsul Tech Teams Up with Backbone for Public Relations

June 27, 2023

Media Contact

Calvin Bond, Backbone Media,

WATERLOO, ON (June 27, 2023) Kapsul Tech, an innovator of Dynamic Neck Stabilization Technology that provides athletes with neck support without compromising performance, has teamed up with Backbone as its public relations agency of record. The leading active lifestyle agency will drive increased brand awareness and help position Kapsul as revolutionizing the science of athlete protection.

Founded on the mission of protecting and enabling people to do what they love for longer, Kapsul has spent six years researching and innovating neck protection and performance. Kapsul’s proprietary technology is the only Dynamic Neck Stabilization on the market and helps support the neck while allowing for a full range of motion.

“Kapsul does more than help athletes prevent debilitating neck and head injuries – it empowers them to do whatever they love as often, as intensely, and for as long as possible,” said Dr. Daryl Sherman, chief executive officer at Kapsul. “We want people to live what they love for longer – and we’re excited to partner with Backbone to further our mission.”

Athletes across all levels and a multitude of sports use Kapsul, ranging from American football and hockey to cheerleading and equestrian. Kapsul’s ATLAS Short Sleeve Shirt is lightweight and flexible, with a protective collar designed to support athletes’ necks and help mitigate the risk of injury. The ATLAS is available for purchase on Kapsul’s website in Men’s, Women’s and Junior sizes.

“Kapsul’s mission to enable people to pursue their passions without compromising on protection and performance aligns well with Backbone’s values,” said Ian Anderson, partner and vice president of public relations at Backbone. “We’re excited to help Kapsul empower more people to do what they love for longer.”

For more information regarding Kapsul Tech, please direct inquiries to Calvin Bond at

About Kapsul

Kapsul™ is a Canadian design and technology company that focuses on the importance of enhancing the stability of the neck to help minimize damage to its joints. Their patented Kapsul collar utilizes a lightweight adaptive absorption foam which helps support and stabilize the neck. It is the only dynamic neck stabilization product on the market designed to help protect athletes from injury, strain or fatigue without impeding range of motion. Partnering with market leading brands in multiple sports, militaries and occupations, Kapsul easily integrates into multiple apparel and protective solutions.

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