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Kapsul™ Tech Partners with University of Houston Defensive Lineman, Nelson Ceaser, on NIL Deal

November 7, 2023

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Tyler Stephenson, Backbone Media

WATERLOO, ON (November 7, 2023) Kapsul Tech, a research and science company with a mission to protect athletes from head and neck injury, today announced its first NIL sponsorship deal with the University of Houston’s star Defensive Lineman, Nelson Ceaser.

Ceaser has been wearing Kapsul’s ATLAS Shirt, featuring the company’s patented neck collar, and proudly takes the field each week with the extra protection he can count on. Kapsul’s collar utilizes lightweight, rate-resistant foam that adjusts to protect athletes’ necks, providing support and stability. It’s the only dynamic neck stabilization product on the market that safeguards athletes from injury, strain, or fatigue through the dissipation of force, without limiting their range of motion.

“We’re excited to welcome Nelson to the Kapsul team,” said Dr. Daryl Sherman, Chief Executive Officer at Kapsul. “Nelson has made our collar an integral part of his game and performance, and his commitment to safety makes him the ideal athlete for Kapsul. Our partnership with Nelson is not just about the collar; it’s about safeguarding the future of sports and well-being of athletes, and we are proud to be on this journey with him.”

Kapsul was founded as a solution to reducing the risk of head injury in sports. While most research has focused on helmets as the primary mitigation strategy, Kapsul is accelerating a greater understanding of brain injury through research and science that studies the head and the neck together in real-time.

“I discovered Kapsul when I was looking for extra protection from a number of neck stingers I had throughout the last year,” said Ceaser. “Kapsul’s ATLAS Shirt has become an essential part of my gameday routine, and I’ve seen a significant decrease in the number of stingers since taking the field with it every game. With Kapsul, I can give it my all each week, knowing I’m doing everything to protect myself and keep playing the game I love.”

In addition to Ceaser, Kapsul has been working with the University of Houston’s Offensive and Defensive Linemen to co-develop solutions and new apparel options for head and neck protection in warm, humid conditions.

Kapsul aims to expand its roster of athlete advocates, recognizing the vital role they play in promoting safety in sports and enabling the game to be played for longer.

Kapsul’s ATLAS Short Sleeve Shirt is available for purchase on Kapsul’s website in Men’s, Women’s, and Junior sizes. For more information, please visit


About Kapsul™

Kapsul™ Tech is a Canadian research and science company providing innovative injury solutions and changing the science of healthcare in traumatic brain injury, orthopedics, and disability.

Kapsul is committed to preserving the future of sports through research founded on science and a deep understanding of athletes’ needs, as well as the forces they experience. Partnering with market leading brands in multiple sports, militaries, and occupations, Kapsul easily integrates its patented neck collar technology into multiple apparel and protective solutions. In early 2024, Kapsul will be releasing a piece of research that will revolutionize the way the world understands, diagnoses, and treats brain injury.

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