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Glerups Celebrates 30 Years of Craftsmanship with the Introduction of the Project Zero Waste Initiative and New Colors

October 23, 2023

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Newfields, N.H. and Aars, DK – October 23, 2023 – Glerups, producers of Danish-designed natural wool slippers and boots, is proud to celebrate its 30th anniversary by announcing its Project Zero Waste Initiative as well as  the introduction of three new hues to its color palette inspired by nature of the Scandinavian landscape.

The brand developed the Project Zero Waste initiative to reuse excess materials from the production process. The initiative enables Glerups to upcycle leftover wool and leather in new pairs of slippers and accessories to ultimately reduce as much waste as possible. Additionally, the brand is working with fellow Danish brands, Lübech Living, to create fine interior elements for the home as well as Mæglerhuset to make Quietzy, a wool felted Yatzy set. These projects represent the brands shared goal to reduce waste and care for the environment. All Project Zero Waste products will be manufactured in the Glerups’ factory in Poland.

“We work purposefully to use all bits and pieces from our carefully selected production materials,” said Allan Timm, director of sales & marketing and Glerups partner. “This has always been Glerups’ founders Ove and Nanny’s philosophy and is now deeply integrated into our DNA at Glerups. Our entire value chain is built with respect for people, animal, and nature. We are constantly working to streamline and upgrade our production and products – the journey never stops, and we never compromise with our DNA.”

From a color perspective, Glerups takes its time developing new colors and is pleased to release Sand, North Sea, and White for the Fall 2023 season and in celebration of its 30th anniversary. Both Sand and North Sea colors will be available in slip on, shoe, and boot in the leather or natural rubber soles (MSRP $100 – $155) while White will be available in the three models with leather sole (MSRP $100 – $130).

The original pairs of Glerups were handcrafted by Nanny at a rate of two pairs per day and with increased popularity, the production grew to include a factory which was built from the ground up by the brand to expand distribution while maintaining direct control over quality. Today, Glerups slippers and boots are sold all over the world – from Japan and Europe to New Zealand, Canada, and the USA. Over the years, the brand has perfected its wool mix by blending Gotland wool from Denmark with soft quality wool from New Zealand farmers, all of which lives up to the highest standards for consistent quality and humane animal welfare. Glerups works with its farmers every step of the way.

“I can’t believe it’s been 30 years since we founded Glerups – what a journey – from my hobby project to a global brand,” said Nanny Glerup, founder of Glerups. “I am very grateful for all the people who have supported us throughout these years. We owe a huge thanks to all our loyal fans – thank you! I am looking forward to the next 30 years.”

To see the brand’s entire product line or for more information about its Project Zero Waste initiative, visit

Founded in 1993, Glerups has evolved from a modest cottage industry into a globally renowned brand celebrated for its premium wool felt slippers. Headquartered in Denmark, we are committed to crafting the finest woolen footwear in the world, while upholding strict environmental and ethical standards. Our journey began with the heartfelt dedication of Danish mother Nanny Glerup, who handcrafted her first pair of slippers using the natural wool from her own beloved Gotland sheep. The overwhelmingly positive reception from family and friends prompted the transformation of Nanny’s hobby into a small-scale production, initially yielding just two pairs a day. Today, Glerups “addicts” around the world indulge in the daily luxury of 100% pure, natural wool, which continues to be crafted with the same love and care, from the sheep to your feet. For more information visit