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“Designed by Disaster” Documentary Directed by James ‘Q’ Martin Debuts at the 17th Annual 5Point Adventure Film Festival

April 10, 2024

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FLAGSTAFF, Ariz. (April 10, 2024) –Kahtoola, in partnership with Q Stories, a Flagstaff-based multimedia production company, debuts an inspirational documentary “Designed by Disaster” at the 17th annual 5Point Adventure Film Festival April 24-28, 2024 in Carbondale, Colorado.

The film’s world premiere is Saturday April 27 at 3 p.m. at the Crystal Theatre (teaser preview).

Directed by award-winning filmmaker James ‘Q’ Martin, “Designed by Disaster” (28 minute total run time) is a deeply personal and inspiring story about Danny Giovale, a passionate climber whose life-changing accident in the Italian Dolomites compels him to address a critical safety gap in mountain travel. With tireless dedication and through an iterative process, Giovale develops a revolutionary type of crampon, discovering a great deal about himself in the process. Three decades later, and equipped with the product he invented, Giovale returns to complete the climb that nearly took his life.

“Thirty years ago, after a life-changing event, I realized the importance of being given a second chance and making a positive impact,” said Danny Giovale, owner and founder of Kahtoola. “This understanding led to the creation of our company, with a dual purpose: to innovate outdoor gear and be a force for good locally and globally. Without the intent to significantly contribute to both areas, I wouldn’t have started this journey.”

When Giovale made the decision to return to the Dolomites, the obvious partner was his long-time friend and adventure buddy, Timmy O’Neill. O’Neill, a professional rock climber, shares Giovale’s commitment to fostering positive social impact.

For the 5Point Adventure Film Festival’s full lineup of films, including “Designed by Disaster”, to purchase tickets, or to preview the festival’s calendar of events, please visit

About Kahtoola: Established in 1999, Kahtoola crafts exceptional outdoor gear with a commitment to philanthropy, conservation, and sustainability. Kahtoola’s gaiters, hiking crampons, and flexible footwear traction systems, including MICROspikes®, EXOspikes™ and NANOspikes®, are built to improve safety and performance. Every product is thoughtfully designed and vigorously tested at the brand’s Flagstaff, Ariz. headquarters high on the Colorado Plateau. Owned and operated by founder Danny Giovale, Kahtoola proudly grants 1% of annual sales through the Kahtoola Philanthropy Program to organizations that support indigenous cultures, outdoor community and environmental responsibility. For more information, please visit

About Q Stories: Since its inception in 1998, Q Stories has evolved from the vision of James “Q” Martin into a collective of passionate storytellers dedicated to sharing impactful narratives from the outdoor world. With a foundation rooted in the outdoor industry and a drive to address complex environmental and social issues, Q Stories specializes in crafting narrative-driven media with a global reach. Leveraging their diverse expertise, the team at Q Stories excels in bringing unique stories to life, emphasizing the “Why” behind each project.

Media Contact:

Catherine Donovan

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