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Businesses Across America Applaud Bureau of Land Management for Strong Public Lands Rule

April 18, 2024

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(April 18, 2024) – The Conservation Alliance (TCA) and its coalition of over 270 business members applaud the Bureau of Land Management for their Public Lands Rule, released earlier today. From the outdoor industry to brewers, bankers, sportsmen, and renewable energy companies, TCA member companies represent a wide range of industries from across the United States that all rely on the outdoors for their bottom line.

Outdoor recreation generates $1.1 trillion in economic output per year and creates 5 million jobs across the United States. This rule, which will put conservation and recreation on a level playing field with other uses, will bring critical economic benefits through local recreation and tourism for rural and gateway communities situated near BLM lands and waters. Until now, only a small portion – 15% – of BLM lands have permanent protections, while a major portion are left unprotected from extractive development.

TCA, alongside other partners, provided the BLM substantial feedback on the draft rule and submitted a letter to the BLM signed by over 100 companies last year. The letter and list of supporting companies can be found here.

“The final rule from the Bureau of Land Management demonstrates the current administration’s dedication to our public lands and outdoor spaces. The BLM can now do what it’s intended to do and manage its 245 million acres for outdoor recreation and conservation benefits. This will provide much needed support to local economies and communities that rely on this land and the recreation opportunities it provides,” said Shoren Brown, VP of Public Affairs at The Conservation Alliance.

“Our nation’s largest public lands agency, the Bureau of Land Management, has largely focused on resource extraction and commodity development for nearly 40 years,” said Yvon Chouinard, founder of Patagonia. “The new public lands rule will allow the US government to prioritize the protection of land and water for future generations and Indigenous communities, and to conserve habitat for endangered species.”

“The entire REI Co-op community applauds the BLM for seizing a once-in-a-generation opportunity to change the way we manage our beloved public lands” said Eric Artz, President and CEO of REI Co-op. “This rule empowers the country’s largest land manager to prioritize the health and vitality of our most treasured landscapes. Solving the climate crisis requires large-scale cooperation and new ways of thinking. We’re thrilled to see BLM embracing its role in ensuring the transformative power of the outdoors for future generations.”

“Businesses large and small that depend on access to the outdoors and their millions of employees and customers will benefit greatly from the final public lands rule released by the BLM,” said Cam Brensinger, Founder and CEO, NEMO Equipment. “This rule will increase opportunities for sustainable outdoor recreation, and, in turn, help grow the outdoor industry and strengthen recreation-based economies.”

“With ongoing and increasing pressures on our public lands, it was paramount for the BLM to produce a public lands rule that elevated conservation and recreation. The final rule does just that and will better the environment, nurture our communities, and allow our community to endeavor on amazing adventures ahead.” Amy Beck, President, Oboz Footwear

“Businesses across industries supported a Public Lands Rule that would ensure that our public lands continue to offer unique recreational opportunities, buffer important habitats against the growing impacts of climate change, and drive economic value and jobs for Americans. We thank the BLM for conserving and protecting our nation’s important public lands and waters.” Wes Carter, President, Atlantic Packaging

“Public lands make up much of the landscapes America is renowned for—the environments that inspire hundreds of millions of visitors annually, serve as habitats for thousands of species and inspire our sense of adventure. As a part of our mission to keep the world adventurous forever, Rivian stands alongside many diverse voices in supporting the BLM’s proposed Public Lands Rule in rebalancing land use priorities by codifying conservation as one of the formal uses for our public lands.” Anisa Kamadoli Costa, Chief Sustainability Officer of Rivian

“Flickr is in the business of photography, and most photography happens outdoors. We have a responsibility—an obligation, even—to advocate for the health and longevity of these lands, so they can be accessed, enjoyed, and remembered for generations to come.”  Ben MacAskill, President & COO, Flickr

“The 245 million acres of land managed by the Bureau of Land Management are critical to climate change mitigation and resilience, human health, and biodiversity, said Annie Nyborg, Head of Environmental and Social Impact, Peak Design. “The Bureau of Land Management’s new Public Lands Rule will support many businesses – including Peak Design – that rely on protected landscapes across the United States.”

“By putting a greater emphasis on land and water conservation and recreation, the new Public Lands Rule will make the outdoors more accessible to everyone. Outdoor access is crucial to a healthy lifestyle for our customers and employees, as well as the health of the planet as a whole.” Gordon Seabury, CEO, Toad&Co

“Kahtoola stands in support of the BLM’s new Public Lands Rule. Putting conservation on equal footing with other land uses is not just the ethical thing to do, but it comes at a time where the stakes are high and our decisions on how we interact with the planet are extremely consequential. This balanced approach to decision-making is crucial for ensuring the long-term sustainability of our nation’s public lands for generations to come,” said Betsy Harter, Associate of Sustainability at Kahtoola, Inc.

“As a company deeply committed to fostering inclusive outdoor adventures, GU echoes the sentiment of prioritizing land preservation for future generations and honoring Indigenous stewardship,” said Celia Camargo, Director of Community and Purpose, GU Energy Labs. “We recognize the invaluable role of public lands in nourishing communities and sustaining our planet. In championing the Public Lands Rule, we ensure that these treasured landscapes remain accessible for generations to come, empowering us all to continue our journey of exploration and connection with the great outdoors.” Celia Camargo, Director of Community and Purpose, GU Energy Labs

“Public lands are a key component of our business model – not to mention something our staff and employees love on a daily basis. We strongly support this new management rule.” Allan Wright, President, Zephyr Adventures, Red Lodge, MT

“Public lands for public use are much-valued and much-needed. The ability to easily, safely and enjoyably access outdoor recreation enriches citizens’ lives, relationships, and physical and emotional health. Protection and preservation is essential for our climate-change-impacted future.” Linnea Swenson Tellekson, President, Swen Products, Inc.

“Access to our public lands is critical for a community’s quality of life and to the local businesses that support, equip and educate those who recreate on public lands.  Not only is supporting this bill good conservation policy it is sound business policy aimed directly at small, local, family businesses.”  Keith Reis, President, Sanitas Sales Group

“Through unwavering dedication and strategic advocacy, The Conservation Alliance has been instrumental in championing a progressive BLM rule that promises to revitalize our cherished public lands. This pivotal update paves the way for more resilient ecosystems and enriched recreational opportunities, ensuring a sustainable legacy for future generations. We stand in support of this landmark achievement.” Soraya Shattuck, Executive Director, Adventure Travel Conservation Fund

“As a brand dedicated to putting people first, enhancing performance, and promoting well-being, Superfeet thanks you for implementing the public lands rule. Your dedication to safeguarding our natural landscapes is crucial for creating a healthy environment, preserving spaces for recreation, and offering individuals paths to unlock their full potential.” Trip Randall, CEO, Superfeet Worldwide

“Sound decisions of protection, restoration and public land use are absolutely necessary in order for us to play an active role in curbing our effects on climate change and mismanagement of our public resources. I support the rules that appropriately soften our impacts on our lands and protect and restore them for our future generations. Our public lands are treasures that command our respect, awe and reverence – not our maximum use for profit.” Benjamin Colvin, President, Devil’s Foot Beverage Company

“At the North Point Brands family, we depend on public lands, healthy ecosystems,  and clean water for our customers, our retail partners, and ourselves. RepYourWater, Cheeky Fishing, Wingo Outdoors and RepYourWild whole-heartedly support the Public Lands Rule.” – Peter Vandergrift, CMO, North Point Brands

“America’s public lands are a national treasure and every American’s birthright. I strongly support efforts to protect our lands in their natural, wild state for the environment and for future generations.” Travis Merrigan, Co-Founder, Grayl

“We serve photographers who feel most alive when they are enjoying, capturing and sharing timeless images of this nation’s amazing and awe-inspiring landscapes. 5DayDeal and our hundreds of thousands of customers support the BLM Public Lands Rule and see it as being crucial for this generation as well as many generations in the future.” Griffin Stewart, CEO and Co-Founder, 5DayDeal

“My company depends on the Outdoor Industry and our industry will better thrive with the updates to the BLM’s management of public lands!” Adam Forest, Managing Partner, The Forest Group

“I am so proud of everyone involved. It’s action like this that gives us all hope” – Derek Nielsen, Founder, Derek Nielsen Photography

About The Conservation Alliance
The Conservation Alliance is a coalition of over 270 like-minded member companies who pool resources to fund and advocate for the protection of North America’s cherished wild places and outdoor spaces. Through the collective power of their membership – companies from a range of industries from outdoor industry to brewers, bankers, sportsmen, and renewable energy – take bold steps to conserve wild public lands and waters. Since 1989, we’ve awarded over $31.5 million in grants and helped protect over 81 million acres and 3,580 river miles, remove or halt 38 dams, purchase 22 climbing areas and designate five marine reserves.