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Alpacka Raft Releases Three New Models for 2024

February 1, 2024

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MANCOS, Colo. (Feb 1, 2024) – Alpacka Raft, the packrafting industry leader, today announced three new models for 2024. The Colorado-based brand is releasing two new tandem packrafts, the Tango and the Rendezvous, and is updating the Refuge, one of the company’s most innovative models.

“As packrafting continues to grow in popularity, we want to make sure that we are making packrafts that fit the diverse needs of a wide variety of paddlers,” said Thor Tingey, CEO of Alpacka Raft. “This year, we are continuing to push the limits of the sport with performance improvements to the Refuge and the Valkyrie. And, we are also developing products for more casual users, with new tandem models like the Tango and the Rendezvous, which are perfect for family trips, fishing, and exploring new landscapes with a partner.”

The Tango is a two-person, kayak-style packraft ideal for serene lakes, meandering rivers up to class II, and gentle coastal areas. Its 13.1-inch cargo hull and inflatable floor are designed for stability and comfort, making it an excellent option for longer days. The Tango features a built-in cargo fly, inflatable backrest support for both paddlers, and ample leg room for kayak-style paddling, allowing for comfort and adaptability during all-day excursions. This model features a low-profile hull and is the brand’s fastest tandem packraft. The tandem design is ideal for couples and families looking to explore the backcountry together. The extra speed also makes it an ideal adventure racing packraft. Available in an eye-catching Banana Split color, the packraft weighs 12.9lb and sells for $1,900.

The Rendezvous is an innovative packraft-style canoe that uses a unique design, integrating a central thwart instead of traditional seats to help make the packraft fast and stable when paddling or fishing on flat water. This packraft is Alpacka’s most comfortable two-person model, and the new construction helps to cut down on weight and bulk, making it easy to pack and carry. The one-size, two-person Rendezvous replaces the brand’s previous Oryx model and comes equipped with a cargo fly zipper for hauling gear inside the tubes. With a weight of 10.0lb and a price tag of $1,700, the Rendezvous is perfect for long days on lakes and rivers and is the best fishing packraft in the lineup.

The Refuge is Alpacka Raft’s ode to backcountry enthusiasts and wilderness travelers. The 2024 Refuge is the third iteration of the packraft, and this new model optimizes the best features of the prior versions. The new version weighs in at a mere 6.5lb and offers a blend of agility and durability that allows it to excel in all types of conditions. The fabrics pair the brand’s lightweight 210d nylon hull with a full-strength 840d floor for maximum abrasion resistance in shallow backcountry rivers. A whitewater deck keeps paddlers dry, while the Cargo Fly internal storage system allows users to pack gear inside the tubes. Alpacka also added a lightweight 2-point thigh strap system, giving paddlers control of the packraft when navigating smaller backcountry whitewater. The new Refuge is priced at $1,325 and is available in medium and large sizes.

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About Alpacka Raft
Founded in 2000 by mother and son team Sheri and Thor Tingey, Alpacka Raft makes the world’s best packrafts. With packrafts designed and handmade by a talented group of makers in its Mancos, Colorado facility, Alpacka Raft packrafts have been used and trusted on expeditions by some of the most well-known adventurers on the planet. Alpacka Raft is committed to building a diverse community of boaters and is proud to provide high-quality, living-wage manufacturing jobs in a rural, mountain-town economy. For more information, visit