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Adventure Journal To Be First Carbon Neutral Publisher through Climate Neutral

September 24, 2020

Media Contact

Julie Atherton
JAM Collective

Monarch Beach, CA

Today, Adventure Journal, the online and quarterly print magazine devoted to outdoor adventure, announced its commitment to being carbon neutral in 2020. This commitment will be certified by Climate Neutral, the nonprofit organization founded in 2019 by the leaders of Peak Design and BioLite. 

Climate Neutral (CN) will calculate Adventure Journal’s 2020 carbon footprint in early 2021 using its extensive measuring tools. Adventure Journal will purchase carbon offsets based on the calculation. Simply offsetting carbon emissions is not enough, however, and Adventure Journal will work to reduce its energy use throughout its ecosystem under the guidance of a plan developed with CN.

This move makes Adventure Journal the first major publisher to be carbon neutral through the organization’s certifying process, though it joins hundreds of other companies, including Allbirds, Ibex, Klean Kanteen, Ministry of Supply, Ombraz, Rumpl, and, of course, BioLite and Peak Design.

“Carbon neutrality must be the standard for all businesses, period,” said Steve Casimiro, founder and editor of Adventure Journal. “If Adventure Journal can do it, so can your business. I urge others to join us.”

Austin Whitman, CEO of Climate Neutral said, “We believe climate neutrality or achieving a net-zero carbon footprint for a company’s upstream and downstream greenhouse gas emissions needs to become the new minimum standard of corporate responsibility for all companies.”

Traditionally, only large businesses could afford the cost of accurate measurement of carbon emissions, but Peter Dering of Peak Design and Jonathan Cedar of BioLite came together with the shared belief that calculating and decreasing footprints could be made far simpler, and if it were, more businesses would do it.

“Without the Climate Neutral’s tools and process, we wouldn’t know where to start,” added Casimiro. “Now, not only will Adventure Journal be carbon neutral from this year forward, but using 2020’s emissions as the measurement, we will offset our carbon footprint since the publication’s inception in 2010. While Climate Neutral can’t measure or certify historical emissions, I believe it’s the right thing to do.”

Adventure Journal is also the only periodical publisher in the U.S. to replace the trees it uses. “I look forward to the day when positions such as these are less lonely, when being a responsible corporate citizen includes such standards as carbon neutrality, circular life cycle, and regenerative processes,” said Casimiro. “We need to hold the brands we patronize, as well as ourselves, accountable.”

To learn more about the program and see the lists of certified brands and committed brands including Adventure Journal, visit

About Adventure Journal
Adventure Journal is an online magazine devoted to outdoor adventure in all its form. It was founded by Steve Casimiro, former editor of Powder magazine, founding editor of Bike magazine, and West Coast editor of National Geographic Adventure.