SORINI, SAMET & ASSOCIATES – One-On-One Trade Meetings

Sorini, Samet and Associates is offering OIA members exclusive opportunities to learn about trade policy and strategies for navigating the trade environment. There are two company one-on-one options available, quarterly C-suite briefings and small business consultations.

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Small Member Company Consultations
Small member consultations will be tailored to specific needs and products. Small members, particularly new members, may not be as familiar with key trade issues and these sessions can provide a primer on issues such as strategic sourcing decision making, explanation of the scope (and limits) of the Generalized System of Preferences and Miscellaneous Tariff Bill.

Quarterly C-Suite Meetings
SSA professionals have years of experience briefing C-suite executives. We will tailor these quarterly briefings to the specific OIA member company and will provide the member with specific details on issues of concern. These briefings will include key developments in Washington on topics such as supply chain due diligence, prospects for tariffs or FTAs with Vietnam and other emerging markets, force labor risks, and prospects for carbon border taxes and other environmental issues. Questions and answers provided to individual members will be confidential.