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Ballard Spahr LLP—an Am Law 100 law firm with more than 600 lawyers in 15 U.S. offices—serves clients
across industries in litigation, transactions, and regulatory compliance. We partner with clients to
deliver strategic counsel, powerful advocacy, and dynamic thinking to help them overcome challenges,
protect assets, and position for success. We combine a comprehensive scope of practice with strong
regional market knowledge, and we are nationally recognized in the development and use of innovative
technology to drive efficiency and results. For more information, visit

We look forward to helping OIA members through complimentary tutorials, discounted hourly rates,
and flat fees, leveraging the lessons we have learned through our experiences helping companies
ranging from Fortune 500s to start-ups in the retail, manufacturing, technology, resort, and hospitality
industries. Some of the services that we think will be most important to OIA members include:

• Privacy, marketing, and technology counseling to keep data an asset rather than a liability;
• Start-up packages to ensure that young companies are covered on the basics, ranging from
corporate governance to intellectual property rights to incentive plans;
• Environmental and ESG counseling to advance the company’s mission and build the brand while
avoiding landmines that have been the focus of litigation and regulatory actions;
• Labor and employment issues, spanning remote work issues to wages to regulatory compliance;
• Real estate, resort, timeshare, and hospitality counseling;
• Product liability and commercial contract guidance;
• Mergers, acquisitions, and funding advice to help prepare for and execute transactions; and
• Litigation and dispute resolution.

Merchant Cost Consulting

Merchant Cost Consulting: Lower Your Credit Card Processing Fees

How Merchant Cost Consulting Can Help OIA Members: As a specialist in helping businesses lower their credit card processing fees without having to switch processors, Merchant Cost Consulting provides time savings and negotiation expertise in the effort to get the most competitive rates from credit card processing companies. Merchant Cost Consulting audits customers’ current accounts, finds hidden surcharges and negotiates new, lower rates. In addition, the company works with businesses to monitor credit card processing rates on an ongoing basis. If you prefer not to change your point-of-sale systems at this time or cannot do so due to contractual reasons, Merchant Cost Consulting will work to reduce your costs.

OIA Member Discount: Merchant Cost Consulting is performance-based, meaning that the company is paid only based on realized savings to clients. There are zero out-of-pocket costs to the client.

A monthly savings report shows what the client was paying before MCC was involved and what they are currently paying because of the renegotiation. The client pays MCC a percentage split of the savings. The percentage split is typically 50/50, but OIA members receive an additional 5 percent savings. That means the OIA member keeps 55 percent and MCC keeps 45 percent. The average savings is 25%-30% on their client’s merchant fee expense.

If you would like a free analysis on your current merchant statement, please contact Patrick MacLellan at patrick@merchantcostconsulting or 508-733-7622. You can also visit

SICA-US – 25% Off Introductory Membership Fee

Credit reports and account monitoring tools.

OIA members will receive a discount of 25% off SICA’s membership fee in the member’s introductory year. Upon renewal in year 2, OIA members will receive a 15% discount on their membership fee. All manufacturer/supplier/distributor who becomes a member will have access to SICA’s senior credit team free of charge.

To start saving contact: Tony Mastrocola | | 855-437-8846 | Learn More at

YELLOW – Exclusive Freight Discounts

Experience the combined power of three best in class next-day regional Less-Than-Truckload companies (Holland, New Penn, Reddaway), the scope and size of YRC Freight, and our in-house freight brokerage (HNRY Logistics) combined with cutting edge technology to provide our customers with turnkey solutions for their supply chain needs. Access one of the largest LTL providers in North America, all through a single point of contact.

Our association partnerships deliver benefits, including the ability to:

  • Aggregate volumes across all of its members to negotiate competitive volume discounts with carriers on behalf of its members.
  • Facilitate collaboration and information sharing across its member shippers.
  • Provide other transportation management and administrative services as required by its members.

Learn More | Get Started

If you have questions, contact: Cassie Williams | | 913.906.6406

OUTDOOR SPORTS INSURANCE – Preferred Pricing for OIA Members

Outdoor Sports Insurance ( is one of the longest-serving insurance brokers in the outdoor market, working with brands and retailers across the United States in the ski, bike, paddle, and outdoor industries.

Spending time outdoors is inherently risky, but that doesn’t mean the risk can’t be managed. We’re experts in the insurance business, but we’re also outdoor enthusiasts who are intimately familiar with the activities we cover. We’re here to answer questions and make sure you’re prepared for anything.

To start saving contact: Rob Martin, Managing Director at Horizon Insurance | | 952.914.7165