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Original Eco Index

Original User Guide

The Outdoor Industry Association Sustainability Working Group developed a User Guide for the original Beta Phase 1 OIA Eco Index. It was intended to provide general guidance for companies to start indexing their products. Download it if you are interested in seeing the background behind the original Eco Index.

Download the original OIA Eco Index User Guide

These documents provide some historical perspective for the evolution of the original Eco Index.

Eco Index Tools

The original Eco Index, launched in July 2010,  included guidelines, indicators and metrics.

Materials Transparency Work Group Structure


Historical Documents

Guidelines are broad, non-scored principles and management practices that are designed to be an educational tool to promote environmental improvement for companies and suppliers. Download the Guidelines PDF

Indicators are environmental performance parameters or attributes that demonstrate environmental impact or improvement. Download the Indicators PDF

Metrics are units of measure of environmental footprint, and — where appropriate — include an industry-side common methodology of comparative scoring. Download the Metrics PDF


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